Monday, July 6, 2009


The only thing Lon knew to do was to call Ellie.

"I'm sitting in Roger's car, right now." He sighed. He hadn't changed. Just in his flip-flops and slipped on a gray wife beater.

"Where are you?"

"Some concert." He dully said. "Wish you were here."

"I know, " she said. "Me too. I miss you."

Ellie then told him about her friend Leia and how she was going to go see her tomorrow.

"I'm with Kelsy and Nick right now. We're hanging out at IHOP with Kyle," she said.

"How's that going?"

"Fine, I suppose. I just found out a friend of mine is seeing my ex."

"Just how many ex's do you have?" Lon couldn't help but ask.

"Not that many." She didn't seem to like his question.

"Sorry, I asked. Really, its none of my business."

"I told you about Elliot," she said.

"Oh, I forgot." He wasn't so sure he was listening to her that much when she'd given him her entire relationship history. He liked to think there was only Sarah in his past, but he'd almost married somebody else although, that person didn't even know he'd had an engagement ring for her and everything. And then there was high school which he didn't think about much anymore. That was water under the bridge.

She talked about Elliot then and Lon listened since really she was talking about Amanda and Kyle more. Really, he felt bad for Kyle. After all, he was the one raising their daughter. "I'd really like to meet him, some time."

Lon looked up then and saw Roger with Olivia. They were running at warp speed. He unlocked the doors of the car. He wanted say, "Holy shit, what the fuck is going on!" But he didn't.

"Listen, I'm going to have to let you go," Lon casually said as if he were waiter at a country club. " Roger and Olivia are here and I have to go." He quickly said. "I love you."

He didn't wait to hear her say it. There was a big guy coming, and they had to make a getaway.


Cait said...

There was some good lines in this. many exs do you have???

autumn said...

"I'm going to have to let you go". Hmmm. Lol. I was thinking of something about that line. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. Btw, Elliot is cute. ^^

Anonymous said...

Oh looks interesting, I wonder what will happen next.

simon n josh said...

oh ...boy..Lon might have his work cut out for him.

Meg said...

I'm excited to see what happens next!

Ivyoaks said...

this is really getting intersting..hehehee...

raspberry said...

So bittersweet.
And I feel for Kyle too...
How things have changed!