Monday, July 20, 2009

who needs who

Olivia couldn't help but smile. Really, she was happy. Actually, and yet she felt guilty that she was.

She'd never had this with anyone before. Not even with Eric. It was true. She always felt he was holding back and after while, she didn't even ask or consider it, any other way. And well, she hadn't thought much about him in a while. There was no reason too. It wasn't like he was going to pick up the phone and call her. He hadn't.

Of course, she hadn't called her parents, either. Perhaps she was hiding out. That's what this was. Her little secret.

Yet it all made her a little giddy and unsure what was next.

"We should go out, just the two of us." Roger told her. He held up his car key.

"Aren't you going to drive?" She looked at the keys.

"No, you are," he said.

Olivia smiled. This was really different.

"Why don't you want to drive?"

"Because I'm not a driver." He shrugged.

"But you have your driver's license." She glared at him.

"I know, but I really hate driving. I just do." He looked at her that she better not make fun of him.

"All right, I'll drive." She took the keys. She'd never had her own car. No one seemed to trust her with a car of her own, but she was a good driver. Olivia liked the idea that Roger trusted her that way. "But what would your Mom think?"

"Who cares what my Mom thinks." He shrugged and followed her out.

Olivia had a good mind to find out where Roger's mother lived so they could take a trip to see her.


past the point said...

Roger might depend on Olivia more than we know.

Anonymous said...

Oh that would be interesting to see Roger's mom.

the oaks said...

Its good to see he's got that kind of faith in her..I hope.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-its so great to see this relationship really blossoming!!

simon n josh said...

cool. I think Roger will make Olivia feel..dunno, better about a lot of things.

cait said...

I think they'll do each other good. I hope.

Winnie said...

So sweet that Olivia is interested in seeing Roger's mom.