Friday, August 28, 2009


Ellie kept watching Lon pace about the kitchen as he told her about Charlie.

"I want to go tomorrow." He told her. "I have to. Its the right thing to do." He was almost in tears.

"All right," Ellie nodded. "I understand. I think you should do it. I think he needs you."

"But what about us?" He squinted a frown.

"What about us?' Ellie winced back. "We'll be fine."

"Its going to be different. You starting classes. A baby in the house." Lon shook his head.

"Don't worry about that." Ellie touched his face then. "We're going to get him."

Lon let out a breath.

"This is big. Really big. You think I could get in trouble for this?" Lon looked at her to tell him him something.

"I dunno. We'll wait and see." She nodded. "Anyway, I really want to see Charlie. I do."

She kissed him then, but not for long. She had to pack a few things.


Cait said...

I'm glad ellie is standing by him on this.

Sharon Rose said...

Hope Ellie realises what a big impact this will be on their lives!!

Winnie said...

Things are shaking up! Glad Ellie knows what she's letting herself in for...

the oaks said...

I'm glad she's with him on this, but it won't be easy.

cass and cady said...

you know I want to know what happens...=O