Saturday, August 29, 2009

food and lodging

Nick wondered if anyone noticed if any extra food was gone. Or if they'd been counting coffee mugs. He hadn't let anyone know about Heath being there with him. Besides Nick had filled him up on over the counter cold meds, and Heath had been sleeping a lot. He needed it. Especially the last few days.

But then Heath got hungry and Nick tried his best to bring in fast food. Except, he was trying to be careful with his money. He hadn't found a job yet. There were some weeks when he first got there that he liked to see how long he could go without eating. Thinking, it would make him stronger somehow. It was one of those things he only told himself, not anyone else. Heath would have told him he was crazy, but then didn't Heath do a lot of crazy things?

Nick sneaked upstairs and got them mugs of coffee, thick with creamer and sugar, and a couple of bagels. He had a jar of peanut butter in his room. Luckily, no one saw him.

"We might have the house all to ourselves this weekend." Nick told Heath when he brought him coffee.

"Sweet." Heath tried to smile, but it hurt.

"But you might be- be back home by then." They sat in bed drinking coffee with the TV on low.

Heath shook his head.

Nick wished it was true, maybe, but then he couldn't hide Heath here forever. Could he? And it wasn't like they'd picked up the pieces of anything. This was just to make sure he was OK. Nothing else.

"You'll find a reason to go back." Nick was sure of it. "You're stuff is there. You'll want your stuff."

"No, I don't care." Heath told him with a slight scowl.

"But you should at least be able to get it." Nick thought.

"He'll say he bought everything." Heath sipped his coffee.

"Would it be better if you just went home." Nick suggest. "You know, where your parents are."

Heath shook his head. "They don't want to see me. I can't go back." He tried to laugh as if it was nothing. But Nick could see that hurt as much emotionally as the bruises on his face.

Nick didn't want to think how his parents might react if they knew about him now. He wasn't sure if he was ready for any-body's reaction about this.

"What will you do?" Nick tried to stay focused on what was next.

"I thought I could stay with you," Heath looked at him then.

Nick didn't know what to say. "Why? So you can tell me-" Nick cringed at the thought of being hurt again.

"I won't hurt you," Heath said. "I promise." Heath touched Nick's face then.

"I dunno what I'm doing with you." Nick shook his head.

"We've got time to figure it out. We'll figure it out together." Heath told him. "I won't let you down. Really. You were there for me. Nobody has ever done that for me. I owe you."

"You don't owe me anything," Nick said.

"Would you just try to let me," Heath smiled. "It could be the best. It already is for me."

Nick let a smile slip then, and Heath kissed him.


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Oooh, pretty colors.
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thanks Emerald!

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They are the sweetest couple!

ellie said...

thanks so much for the sweet note Winnie.

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Yeah, its one of my favs.

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I'm glad Heath wants to be with Nick.

Cait said...

I agree with Winnie.

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aw, I do like them together.

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