Monday, August 31, 2009

you and me

"I want to make you cupcakes," Heath already found the cake mix and the frosting.


They were alone now. They had the house to themselves. Nick stared at him as if something unusual had just happened, and then it hit him. "Those aren't my clothes."

"They're not?" Heath looked at the wife beater he was in. He was in khakis. Barefooted. "I found them in the dryer."

Nick blinked. He was just like Lon. Nick cleared his throat then. "Well, he's not here. I guess its all right."

"Still up for cupcakes?" Heath wanted to know.

Nick nodded. They had on clothes. This was perhaps an accomplishment. He supposed. Maybe they should have just stayed in bed. But they'd made it up to the kitchen. The house was so quiet.

Heath's face was close to normal. A bit purple in places. Slight greenish edges. But Nick hadn't mind. He was pretty much used to it now. As he walked by, Heath drew him in by the waist and smiled. He kissed him, but Nick pulled away instantly as if someone might be watching.

"Its fine. Don't worry so much." Heath looked at him. Nick showed him he wasn't nervous by kissing him back. He smiled then.

"I remember when I started my first semester, I met Toby and Cameron. They were drama majors who came here from New York City on scholarship. I'd never seen two people quite that in love. Actually, they were dancers. Anyway, I always asked myself, why can't that be me." He squinted. "Well, that is me, with you." Heath smiled then.

Nick smiled and found him the muffin tin then and the cupcake liners.

"I'm still not sure I want them to know yet." Nick sighed about Heath being here at the house. "I mean, you know, it'll be sudden, and believe me, they aren't expecting it. They just aren't."

"Why? You've hidden it that well?" Heath laughed as he went to find the eggs and the oil.

"I suppose." Nick nodded. "I've tried very hard to just be A sexual."

"A sexual?"

"You know, where you need no one. Nobody." Nick told him. "But then I thought I'd be all right with Kelsey, because we were really good friends. But I kept thinking, this is going to be awful if she's really in love me. I was not in love with her. I was a good boyfriend. I think so, anyway. And then when we broke up, I dunno. Maybe she wasn't even broke up about it. I don't think she was. There was someone else. I always knew it even if she never said it."

"You're a very good actor," Heath told him as he mixed up the batter then. "I doubt you'd ever get type cast. Unlike me. Always the villain. The cad. Nothing sweet at all. Just those bitter parts." He poured the batter in the muffin tins then and popped them in the oven.

Nick had the timer going.

Just then the doorbell rang. Nick looked at Heath who looked back at him. Nick took in a deep breath and went to the door. Olivia's parents were here.


Emerald said...

I'm hooked.

the oaks said...

Of all people to be at the door. I thought that was interesting what Nick said. & Heath's thoughts too.

aiLee920 said...

i love the title... it reminds me of someone so dear to my heart... keep on posting!!!

Winnie said...

Yay. Cupcakes! Oh I look forward to the next post, sounds like things are going to get interesting!

simon n josh said...

yum, cupcakes..oh, and Olivia's parents. interesting.

Jared said...

Oh god. Her parents. A lot of stuff going on right now. Very good, can't wait to see what happens.... Every time I meet someones parents it's always horrific...

Em should post the next part later.

Yeah, the thing is with the new series is they were trying to be original and keep away from the old cast, but it wasn't the same. It was just good enough to keep me watching, and it wasn't till the very end of the season that I decided this season was good. It all kind of comes together. Next week, is interesting. It's called Freddie, but it should be a dual with his sister if you ask me.

the oaks said...

aw, that was so sweet. um, cupcakes.