Tuesday, September 1, 2009

it couldn't be that bad

"Crap," Roger sighed. It was as if he should have known now just what Olivia was doing. "You would, wouldn't you?"

"Would what?" She was playing it as a guessing game. "Hmm?" She kept driving down the interstate toward St. Louis.

Roger kept his arms crossed.

"You called her, didn't you?" Roger was almost seething.

"Called who?" Olivia squinted, but didn't look at him directly after all she was a very careful driver.

"My Mom." He said so angrily.

"What is it with you and her, anyway?" Olivia shrugged.

"She," Roger shook his head. "She left me and Dad."

"Oh." She made it sound as if it were just yesterday or just for the weekend.

Roger hugged himself more, trying to not be angry.

"I don't want to stay there." He then told her.

"All right." She nodded. "I have my credit card. But you can have dinner with her before the show. We're meeting her at Applebees."

"You talked to her?" How dare she. Behind his back.

Olivia nodded.

"She doesn't get much time away, you know, she's busy with the baby." Olivia told him.

Roger swelled a frown then. He didn't want to hear about a baby. Not that baby. Not his baby brother. His half-brother. The brother he'd never seen.

"Fine." He looked out the window. He saw a bill board welcoming him to Missouri, and all the things to do. He felt so angry, but then he felt so sad. Why did he have to be this way?


aiLee920 said...

hello there, just doing my daily rounds...
nice post by the way... i love your background color... i also updated mine, care to visit?

Sharon Rose said...

Hope Roger can bond with his mum, this trip might be good for both of them.

ivy's closet said...

Roger definitely needs to face this.

Jared said...

Good for Roger. He needs to get the away time and bonding time. Hope it goes well.

the oaks said...

Roger can be such a baby sometimes.

fan fic said...

I like the way this started. I hope they have a good time.

Winnie said...

I think Roger needs to speak to his mom!

cait said...

Hopefully, Olivia's going to get him on the right track.

Raigan said...

Seriously almost died of joy when i saw the widget on your page!!! So cool!!!

poor roger....i get the way he feels completley. How you can be sooooo pissed and sad all at once because of a parent who doesnt care. It's awful.

School is going so well im like in shock about it haha!

when do u start?


Jared said...

Hey, sorry to leave another comment, but this is unbelievable. Several channels have been racing after the right of Skins in America for 2 years. And this week MTV won. An American version is to be released on MTV supposedly in 2010...This sucks.

ellie said...

Yeah, that's like having an American version of Death Note movies. There is only one Light and one L. (definitely L). It'll be ruined for sure...if MTV makes Skins.

Jared said...

Yeah, death note, good example. Supposedly, it would be shown in late hours, and Bryan Elsley would executive produce it and write it. It would be set in Baltimore which is a good substitute for Bristol, and it would not be a softer version of it. Yet, it wouldn't be allowed cause of all the fuss, MTV is horribly written (except hopefully Bryan will do some justice.) and they attempted something like this in the 90's called Undressed which was horrible. Maybe the parent company Viacom will move it to Showtime. Maybe that way it'll be decent.

simon n josh said...

too bad they can't get the cast from the first season of skins on a showtime skins...

& then there is Roger..this should be interesting ..there road trip.

Meg said...

I hope Roger realizes the importance of family!

Emerald said...

Your writing always seems yo catch me off guard. I think I get it, and then you say something else that makes my eyes bug out.