Wednesday, September 2, 2009

coming back to haunt you

Nick wasn't sure what to tell Olivia's parents. Yes, she'd gone to a concert with Roger. Yes, she lived here. And yes, this must be Lon.

Heath assumed to be who they thought he was. He shook hands. Agreed with what ever they said. He told them he didn't mind looking in on Olivia's great Aunt at all. He was good at this. That impish grin, like a little boy who just caught the big fish. Everything was just great if Lon was around. It wasn't long til they left.

"Who's Lon?" Heath squinted. "Sounds like the perfect preacher if you ask me."

"I never thought of that." Nick chuckled. They went on with the cupcakes then. They were cooling. Heath was getting ready to frost them just when the doorbell rang, again.

"Man, this is a happening place today." Heath shrugged.

Nick almost had a heart failure when he answered the door. One second he was laughing, the next he was dead serious. It was Kelsey and Kyle.

"What are you doing here?" Nick could barely say anything.

"We came to get the car." Kyle barely spoke to as if he'd hoped Nick wouldn't be there.

Nick looked out and didn't see Kelsey in the car, anywhere.

"Actually, we just got back from Utah." She looked straight at him for a moment when he finally looked over and saw her standing on the other-side of Kyle.

"Oh." He felt the bottom of his stomach turn over, or so it seemed. "I-I hope it was good."

He had to let them in because Kyle went straight to the bathroom. Kelsey stood there in the livingroom with her hands in her back pockets, looking around as if this might be an investigation of some kind.

"So what have you been doing?" Kelsey made conversation.

"Nothing, really." Nick sighed.

Just then Heath peaked out of the kitchen. Kelsey looked at him. "Who's that?" She asked.

"Oh, uh, Heath," Nick sucked in a breath as if he'd said too much, and she'd figure it all out.

"Hey," Heath waved, managing a slight grin in Kelsey's direction.

"We're just hanging out." Nick shrugged.

Heath stepped out of the kitchen then and Kyle saw him, coming out of the restroom.

"Um, this is my friend, Kyle," Nick pressed his lips then. "and Kelsey."

Kyle shook hands with Heath.

Nick was waiting for Kyle to ask Heath twenty questions, but he didn't.

"We should be heading home," Kyle said. "Hopefully, I can see Rosie tonight."

Nick couldn't wait for them to leave, but he did say he was glad they were back. It was a sigh of relief when they left. Nick thought he might have a melt down.

"Who's Rosie?" Heath wondered.

"That's his daughter." Nick nodded as he watched Heath go back to his cup cakes he was decorating with M & M's.

"Daughter?" Heath winced. "God, he's just a kid."

Just as Heath pushed a cupcake in Nick's mouth and had white frosting all over his face, the doorbell rang again.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-a tense situation for them all, wonder who's at the door next?

Jared said...

Hm, sounds kind of awkward for them. Good thing they left seeing how Nick is at the moment. Hope it all turns out well, but with the new visitor.... Who knows.

Em's, back btw if you didn't know.

simon n josh said...

Yeah, that would be awkward for Nick, but he can handle it.

elliestories said...

I'm sure they've had enough suspense for the day.

Cait said...

they just can't have a moment to themselves.