Wednesday, August 26, 2009

if I knew right now where I'd be

Nick liked hanging out with Ravi. Finally, someone to play video games with. At least, Ellie and Roger weren't so worried that he wasn't making friends. Actually, he felt almost his old self. No thoughts of Heath and the time he'd spent with him. It felt like a dream now fading fast. Most of it dark. Possibly just unreal now.

But this, with Ravi, meant late nights of crunching Captain Crunch out of the box while watching The Watchman, or the anime version of Death Note. It was great. Better than high school even. Maybe Nick was just not wanting to think about college and what came with it. This was the best with Ravi.

He'd tell Nick stories about home. How his family owned a motel and how much his mother hated cleaning the rooms. But Ravi liked being here. He couldn't wait for college to start. He made everything sound bright and wonderful. Nick liked that about him. He wanted that too. And he felt for sure he'd feel it one day. Especially, being Ravi's friend.

But it was during Death Note II(live action) when Nick's cell vibrated in the wee hours of the morning. Ravi hit pause, told him he should take it. It was Heath.

"What do you want?" Nick was shaking when he heard Heath's voice. He hated this but he listened to every word Heath said while Nick hid in the bathroom. Alone.

"I dunno."

"I should hang up." Nick wanted to, but he hesitated hoping Heath would make this good. That he'd tell him something he wanted to hear.

"No, don't." There was something in Heath's voice that made Nick hang on even if he wished he hadn't.

"You've got your boyfriend, remember." Nick gritted.

"I miss you." Heath told him.

"Good." Nick didn't know what else to say. He sat there in the bathroom floor with his eyes closed, gritting harder.

"Can you come and get me, please!" Nick felt the urgency in Heath's voice.

"I can't." Nick was sure of it. His eyes were open wide now.

"Just this one time, that's all. I promise," Heath begged.

"Why should I?" Nick squinted hard.

"Because I need you. I really do!" Heath sputtered.

Nick knew Heath was crying. Nick just grimaced wondering what had happened.

When he got off his cell, he told Ravi it was his ex and he had to pick her up. Ravi understood, got his movies and left.

Nick drove out of town then. Twenty miles out and each mile he thought his heart quickened more. What in the hell was he doing, going in the middle of no where to find Heath who was on the side of the road, beaten up.

"So now you need me." Nick could hardly look at his beaten up face. Heath said nothing for the longest time on the ride back.

Nick stopped at Walgreens to get a few things to clean up Heath's face while Heath waited in his pickup truck.

Funny, how Nick worried Heath wouldn't be there when he got back, but he should have known Heath wasn't going anywhere.

He drove out to a new development by the corn fields. The city shined like little pearls from the distance. It was there Nick cleaned up his face.

"Is it that bad?" Heath wanted to know.

"I don't think you're scarred for life." Nick told him. Just the same it was so brutal and strange. "Who did it?"

"Who do you think." Heath kept his bruised eye shut as he whimpered slightly.

"Are you trying to say its my fault?" Nick didn't want to have any part of this.

"No," Heath shook his head. "Sometimes, he's like this."

Nick just winced. He started up his truck. He knew where Heath would be staying for a while.


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Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

Hmmmm. This was really interesting.

simon n josh said...

I'm glad Heath is back!

Cait said...

I'm really glad Nick found Heath again.

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I really loved this one.

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I think Nick can help Heath.

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Boys can be so emotional sometimes!
I like it though.

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I'm so happy Heath is a part of this now.

natalie said...

Now I'm in the mood for some Captain Crunch, haha. But oh my gosh, poor Heath sounds like he's pretty beat up D: