Thursday, August 6, 2009

next best thing

Lon couldn't stop watching Rosie. Her lips kept moving ever so slightly as if she were nursing a bottle while she slept. It was adorable. He couldn't help but smile. And then he thought of Charlie, sadness swept over him. How old was he now? When was the last time he'd seen him?

Ages. It felt.

He remembered the weight of him in his arms, and his dark head of hair. He was so dark. Not like Lon, at all. But it didn't matter. He really felt a connection to him. He still did. Lon was doing so well not to think about it, until now. Until he saw Rosie, and he knew he was missing something. Something was missing from his life, and Sarah had taken it away. Packed up and left. He felt like sobbing, but he wouldn't.

His throat felt so raw now as if he might be sick. He looked at Ellie who was fussing with all the baby stuff Kyle had in the diaper bag.

"Can I go with you, when you take her home?" He felt as if he were pleading. Lon didn't mean too.

"Are you sure? Aren't you suppose to be working?" Ellie looked at him puzzled.

"I could work something out. Haven't taken a day off, you know. Not once this summer." Lon told her. "Besides, I just bought my boss's old pickup. I think he owes me." Lon tried to grin. It was a little pickup truck. It needed a bit of work, but it ran just fine. Rusted from the snowy winters, but it would be great to get him around town this fall and for winter when it set in. He was definitely sticking around. He didn't have to tell Ellie how he felt about her. She knew.

"That would be great." Ellie smiled, gave him a kiss then. Lon smiled back.


the oaks said...

Lon is so sweet.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-its great how Lon feels about Ellie.

dapper kid said...

Awww this was such a sweet post :)

prettyneons said...

Hey my blogger has been acting mad I was blocked out from my own blog for ages...

Anyways, Boom is good thanks lol!

This post is epic as ever (:


PrettyneOns X

taffy. said...

i'm glad that ellie is responsive to lonnie. don't ask why, but i was worried about that.

taffy. said...
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simon n josh said...

I like seeing this side of Lon. I think he will make a good Dad...and I think Ellie sees that too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Simon n Josh, Lon would be a great dad. Okay just a question: what does Rosie look like and how old?

ellie said...

Well, Rosie will be a year old soon. Her hair is more of the color of Amanda's. She takes after Amanda. I'll try to describe her more in the story. You'll see what's up with Amanda soon..but next post..more with what's up with Kyle.

Cait said...

Oh, its sad that he's thinking about Charlie too.

Raigan said...

You're for sure super sweet for getting me a bit caught up and complimenting the header and tee! The shirt is from hot's aguys shirt but personally I don't like being suctioned into my clothes so I perfer the guy stuff at hot topic. And it doesn't hurt the self confidence that I, and pretty much every other girl I know, can wear a boys small hahaha

I'm just trying to come up with some post ideas and I think I have a couple gems in mind, after this weekend I think I'll be set so pleaaaaase bare with me while I get stuff sorted out!!!

Thank u so much for gracing us with ur story, I'm sure I'm not the only one who looks forward to reading everyday!