Monday, August 17, 2009

picking up the pieces

It felt like a surreal moment to Olivia that she didn't see coming.

Granted, Roger was very drunk. She thought he was faking at first, but he wasn't. Had he drank because he was nervous? What in the world had got into him to act like such an ass? And then to go on and on as if he owned her.

She'd stuffed Roger in the shower and stuffed just as much Kleenex up Nick's nose hoping it wasn't broken. He swore it wasn't. She woke Lon up to take a look at it. Naturally, Nick would hardly let Lon touch him.

"God, I've never seen him like that," Olivia said to Ellie the next morning. "I don't want to deal with someone like that." She was miserable about Roger.

"I'm just glad you were there." They drank coffee in silence for the most part.

Finally Ellie smiled. "I can't believe you went to the bathroom with Nick."

"Me either, but he was so scared. I don't guess he's ever had a guy come on to him before." Olivia yawned. "I feel so bad for him."

"He'll be OK. He needed a reality check." Ellie nodded. "You know, welcome to college. I guess."

"Yeah, well, I don't know if he'll come out of his room now. He might want to take online classes." Olivia was concerned.

"So what are you going to do about Roger?" Ellie looked at her as if she should think of something harsh.

"I dunno." Olivia would have to think about it. This was something she didn't want to pick up the pieces of ever again. This was not the life she wanted, having to take care of someone drunk every-time she went to a party with him.


Sharon Rose said...

Oh no, what a mess-Nick should have listened to his instincts and not gone to the party, but Roger needs his head testing-it shows he's a lot of growing up to do, no wonder Olivia is so mad!!

ivyoaks said...

It isn't fair for Olivia to have to put up with that sort of behavior from Roger.

simon n josh said...

Looks like Olivia is finding out what Roger can be like.

Coco-Rocha-Fan said...

OH! Magnifique!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Olivia will stay with Roger, maybe she will go to Nick. Oh and I finally posted on Drifting By, hope you like it.

Jared said...

Hm, maybe she will see that Roger isn't right for her. Or maybe she just 'loves' him too much. I wonder...

I'm not entirely sure. I was thinking about it, but he's gay so should he really switch? Hm.

blue hearts said...

I feel bad for Olivia having to put up with that, but there are a lot of us who do and again. Guys aren't perfect. ..& neither are we girls. I'd say payback time..she could get drunk and pull a stunt and see how he likes it?

elliestories said...

I have a feeling Olivia has weighed out the good & bad with Roger a long time before she got involved with him. I see her as this kind of person who wants to see where it goes with somebody. I have a feeling she has faith in him and yet she'd be ready for the worst to happen with him too. Like a paradox of some kind. Although, knowing what might happen in thier relationship, doesn't mean you'll be ready for it.