Sunday, August 16, 2009

like bad alcohol

"What are you doing with my girlfriend!" Roger had looked all over the place for them. The bathroom was the last place he'd expected to find them.

He was ready to make a scene. But Olivia wouldn't let him.

"Stop!" Olivia pushed him away, and she took off running. He chased her down the stairs out the door to the car. She waited for him there with her arms crossed.

"What were you doing!" He squinted.

"Please, you are impossible." She glared at him. "If you haven't noticed Nick's pretty much a homo-phobe, he was scared."

"He wants you, babe." Roger couldn't help to be upset. He was sure of it. He hugged her. Possibly he'd drank too many of the hard lemonades and a few shots of vodka and other liquor along the way. It hadn't felt like liquor at all to him. But he was staggering a bit now.

He noticed Nick behind him then. All he wanted to do was punch him. Roger just wasn't sure he had it in him. Roger just looked at Nick who was trying to explain he had to go to the bathroom and didn't want to go alone.

"Its my fault, I should have stayed outside the door but-" Olivia started. Roger smacked Nick in the nose with his fist.

Only, Roger didn't know it was going to hurt his knuckles so bad. Nick covered his nose. It wasn't until Roger saw the blood on Nick's hand that he saw what he'd done. He just stared at him, scowling miserably.

Olivia told Nick to get in the back seat. She got Roger in the front seat. He thought he heard her say something to him, but he couldn't hear her. He just waited for her to drive them home. He wasn't sure what just happened. His hand throbbed in pain. He might have broken a knuckle. Roger, thought he might be sick. He felt the wetness under his eyes. He'd been so angry. So suddenly mad about what he thought was going on behind closed doors. Roger thought for sure Nick was having sex with Olivia in the bathroom. It was so ugly to think about when seriously, he knew Olivia would have never let that happened. She was Olivia. He's always trusted her. Until now and he felt awful that he hadn't.

He just wanted to blame it on the alcohol. It had to be just the alcohol.


Cait said...

Roger, who knew he could do something like that.

past the point of luv said...

Yeah, Roger in a fight. Just one punch. hmmmm..

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

I'm thinking of that song now lol "Blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol"
I like his thoughts after he punched Nick.

simon n josh said...

I'm glad Roger hurt his hand. Can't believe he flew off the handle like that.

the oaks said...

I feel really bad for Nick. I couldn't believe Olivia said he was a homo-phobe.

Anonymous said...

Oh if only you could blame it on the alcohol. And yes Drifting By and Summer will have new posts soon. But I am in the middle of them. Hope to finish soon though.

Jared said...

Wow, very interesting. Didn't think he had it in him to do it, but he did. Wow.

Very interesting about your previous comment too.