Saturday, August 15, 2009


How could I have ever been so dumb-
Project Jenny (Project Jan)

Nick kept telling himself over and over he should have stayed home. Why was he here at this party with Roger and Olivia? He knew no one and they were all so. GAY.

Nick wouldn't dare say it because well, they'd know what an adolescent Moran he was. Honest. This just was not his thing.

"Come on, at least grab a hard lemonade." Roger smiled at that, grabbing everyone a few. Nick looked at Roger who actually had two. One in each hand and that was after he gave one each to him and Olivia.

Nick nursed his. He felt so uncomfortable. There were guys looking at him. It was unbelievable. And there was no place to hide.

"How could you do this to us, Roger?" Nick whispered, but of course, Roger didn't hear him. He was being all cool with his so called cast mates dragging Olivia along. She could not have been having fun, Nick thought because he wasn't.

But there was some funky music going. Some people were dancing. Some were getting stoned in the kitchen. It was a happening party, evidently. At least, Roger ushered them to the big red sofa that looked like something from a prop room. A bit antiquish yet cheap. Nick and Olivia set down, looking around at the rather whorish brothel like atmosphere. Except instead of show girls, there were just guys, everywhere. Old ones. Young ones. Glamours ones and then just the usual.

It was making Nick nausea as he nursed his lip, drinking little by little of the hard lemonade.

"What's your major?" Some dark-haired guy who could have been Draco's twin from the Harry Potter movies just appeared before Nick.

"Undeclared." Nick sucked in a breath.

"Those are the best." He leaned in to Nick. His teeth shown when he smiled... as if he might bite him. Nick stared at him in shock and put his arm around Olivia.

"She's-she's with me." Nick quickly said, squinting slightly.

The guy left Nick his phone number, anyway.

"Was he even in the show?" Nick looked at Olivia pulling his arm from around her. He noticed the guy's name was Heath. He wanted to toss it, but he stuck it in his jeans' pocket instead because he was trying to be nice.

"I don't think so."

Nick took a big sip of his hard lemonade then. Olivia drank at hers for a while. It seemed endless. Sitting there. Staring. How long had they been in this state. He thought sleep might set in, but he wouldn't dare close his eyes.

"Where did Roger go?" Nick winced.

"There was something he was going to get from somebody. A book, I think." Olivia looked around.

"I have to pee." Nick finally said. It must have been a good hour later. It felt so, anyway.

"OK." Olivia looked at him as if she could take care of herself.

"But I don't want to go alone." He looked at her hoping she would understand how he felt about being in a place that was not the comfort of his room.

Olivia just nodded.

"Do you know where the bathroom is?" He looked at her.


"I guess they'd call the cops on me if I went in the bushes." Nick shrugged. Olivia almost laughed.

"We'll find the bathroom. " She took his hand then. And he got up to walk with her.

"I really hate parties." He told her.

"It'll be all right. Maybe we won't be here much longer." She told him.

"Aren't you worried about Roger?" Nick wanted to know.

"Hopefully, he'll find us." She just said.

He wanted to say something about Roger might turn gay on her. But he didn't. She might think he was just trying to come on to her, which he wasn't even if he had seen her without her bra on. This was not the time to think about that.

Anyway, Olivia was asking someone where the bathroom was. It was at the top of the stairs.

"We have to go up there?" Nick pointed up the winding staircase. It felt so far away. There was red carpet that lead the way. Really it was quite a show place. Old, yet so classic. Olivia went first. Nick followed. Naturally, there were people upstairs. Couples. Giggling. Guys kissing. Nick kept his head down. He didn't want to see it. Finally there it was. The bathroom. Open for business. Nick couldn't believe he hadn't gone to the restroom at the theater. He thought he could make it til they got home, but then Roger wanted to go to the party. Nick asked to be dropped off, but Roger made him feel he was a whooze of some kind for staying in, all the time.

And now they'd found the bathroom. Finally.

They went in holding hands. Nick locked the door behind them. Olivia was touching the cool dark paneling. The faucet with the lion's head. It looked so regal as if you might should bring champagne to drink in the bathtub that was rather old fashioned with clawed feet.

"Really, such a cool bathroom," Olivia smiled as her voice echoed. Mirrors everywhere.

"OK, can you just not look." Nick was nervous. Olivia turned away.

Nick was still nervous though as he unzipped his pants. Now he couldn't go.

"Maybe you should get in the bathtub and pull the shower curtain too." Nick suggested.

"OK, if that'll help." Olivia got in the bathtub and pulled the curtain shut.

Nick thought about going to pee, but she might hear him. He hesitated.

"Can you put your hands over your ears and try not to listen."

"All right." Olivia told him. "Hands over ears."

Finally, he did his business. Relief in store. Deep sigh. Just then somebody was banging on the bathroom door. Nick almost jumped out of his pants.


the oaks said...

Oh, Nick. Poor guy. He's a nervous wreck. Very strange situation with Olivia in the bathroom with him.

Cait said...

I love that song. Oh, interesting about how Roger is leaving them so alone. & then the guy Nick meet. Very interesting stuff. Strange ending too. What could that be about?

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

She's in the bathroom with him....that's a bit odd, but it's cool that she didn't think it was awkward....or at least it didn't seem like she did. I like how nervous and self-conscious he was, it made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

A good long post with Nick in it. I really liked this one. Glad he's in the mix.

e.l. said...

I know its freaky..why would Olivia ever go to the bathroom with him. But I can sort of see myself doing that just because I knew he'd be scared...and the idea of protecting him somehow from the unknown.

the oaks said...

such an interesting party. i do wonder if nick might have feelings for he might want to save her from roger or something. i liked the last line.

Jared said...

Roger? Really? Or is that just an thought provoking sentence? Very interesting. I like how nervous Nick is, that last line was great too.

Same here. I've seen the whole season, and it definitely isn't as good. Cook I can't stand, he is nonredeemable. I'm not a big Naomily fan either. I like Freddie and Effy. Katie is kind of annoying. J.J. eh. I like Panda a lot too, Thomas not so much. I don't like how this season is much more fun-filled and more "entertaining." I like the depth of the original. It's the same director, but I guess they just wanted to show independence. Hopefully some of the original cast will be shown in season 4.

ellie said...

I guess I should explain that Roger had a boyfriend. But they broke up some time ago. So he didn't really see anyone for quite a while. And basically, he and Olivia had been friends for quite sometime & then it just evolved. Of course, his friends don't think it will really last. They are a little worried for Olivia.

simon n josh said...

Draco with black hair. I would so like to see that!

Poor Nick.