Friday, September 25, 2009

about the clothes

Olivia heard Ellie mention about Lon's missing clothes. It wasn't just the khakis but the jeans too and his T-shirts.

"Roger, have you been wearing any of Lon's stuff?" She would have known. She looked under their bed. The bathroom.

"Now why would I do that? That guy has no style." Roger went back to something he was working on his laptop.

Olivia sighed and went to find Ellie who was looking all over the house for Lon's stuff.

"His socks are gone now." Ellie told her. Olivia saw Charlie helping. She was carrying him around in the baby pack on her back while he was playing with her hair.

"Have you talked to Nick?" Olivia asked.

"No." As it was Ellie was trying to get some baby laundry done. "I guess I'll run to Wal-mart for more socks. You want to go to Salvation Army with me?"

"Let me check with Nick, first." Olivia had a pretty good idea where the clothes were going. Didn't she see Heath in Lon's khakis? She bet he was wearing his shirts too.

Olivia went downstairs to see if Nick was in. He wasn't. She had a key so she unlocked the door and when she turned on the switch there Heath was in Nick's bed.

"Are you living here now?" She looked at him squinting hard from the ceiling light.


"You heard me," Olivia shut the door behind her. "Where have Lon's clothes gone?"

There was a pile of clothes by the bed. Nick wasn't the neat freak he used to be, evidently, thought Olivia.

"You need to buy your own clothes." She told him.

"I will." He shrugged. He was in Lon's sweat pants and no shirt at the moment.

Olivia set down in Nick's computer chair then and stared at Heath.

"You don't even have a job, do you?"

Heath rose up on his elbows and sighed.

"I haven't had time to look yet." He told her.

", Nick's taking up all your time?" She let a smile slip.

"Possibly." He shrugged.

She got up and picked up the load of dirty clothes on the floor.

"Well, find a shirt," Olivia said. "We're going to Salvation Army so we can find you a suit for an interview. I might know something available. But you'd work every night of the week. Weekends would be free."

Heath nodded.

Olivia took the laundry to Ellie then.

"I found it." Olivia told Ellie.

"Yuck, this doesn't smell like Lon at all," Ellie groaned. This smelled of spicy aftershave and smoke.

"That's because he hasn't been wearing any of this stuff. Nick's friend has."

"Ravi?" Ellie shook her head.

"Don't worry, you'll meet him soon enough," Olivia said. "He's going to Salvation Army with us."


Cait said...

I really like Olivia.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-sounds very busy with people around the place!! Have a good weekend!

Raigan said...

aw i'm totally loving the visual of ellie with little baby charlie strapped to her back! She's going to be a great "mommy"

have a great weekend!


Meg said...

Heath should not be so lazy and should get his own clothes!

past the point said...

Well..maybe Heath will be outed now...maybe not.

the oaks said...

How could Heath do such a thing...Poor Lon. Love that Ellie is taking in Charlie. Olivia is so spunky.

Colin Gray said...

Oh well..good old Salvation Army. That's great that Olivia is going to help Heath.

Emerald said...

Hey, E.L.! :D
Sorry I haven't been following up on your blog recently, school has been hectic lately.