Saturday, September 26, 2009

in the right direction

Heath felt a little out of place walking around Salvation Army with a girl who had a baby hanging off her chest. Of course, the baby looked so content looking around at everything as if he was just as grownup even if he was in a baby contraption of some sort. He was almost as big as she. Naturally, Olivia was on the other side of him pointing to this pair of pants and so on.

But before long, one would find something funny, like a strange T-shirt or a funny stuffed animal, and suddenly it he felt like he was with his two little sisters trying to get him ready for prom.

"Oh, come on, just try it on." Ellie danced around with Charlie by the dressing room. "You know you want to put on a style show for us." She had found him an old gray fedora that she thought was a must have for him.

Olivia stuffed his arms with plenty to try on.

"Remember, we have a birthday party to go too, you'll want to dress up for that." Olivia told him with a little smirk.

"What?" Heath shook his head, no. He went in with the stuff and started to try clothes on.

"You have to," Ellie said. "Kelsy wants you to come. She mentioned you, you know." He froze then. He'd been lucky the first time they met. He wasn't so sure how she'd feel about him if she knew he was living with Nick.

Heath didn't say anything. No way was he going home with Nick. It would look strange. Wouldn't it?

"It just a birthday party, and you should go." Ellie shrugged as he came out in the slouchy khakis. He felt good in them. No way was he going back to jeans anytime soon.

"Its something you'll have to talk to Nick about." Heath didn't want to cause any trouble.

"Well, put on the suit," Olivia reminded him.

He looked at the nice dark pin striped suit and the white shirt, hanging in the dressing room. Heath smiled. If he got this job, he'd feel so much better about a lot of things.


Winnie said...

I haven't been thrifting in the longest time. I wish I had some good thrift stores near me.

colin gray said...

Its cool they are helping Heath.

past the point said...

aww..sweet moment with Charlie too. I'd love that.

the oaks said...

Yeah, that's great with Ellie and Charlie and now helping Heath. I think he'll be a part of this family his own way.

cait said...

Olivia is really taking the lead here. I think she's one of my favorites.

maxxie and tony said...

wooo...taking him under the wing, huh..hmmm..I do wonder how that'd be with Nick's parents.

simon and josh said...

I liked this one. Maybe the future is bright for Heath.

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

Good, he's starting to want the job more. It will make him happier.