Sunday, September 27, 2009

let the games begin

They'd delayed the party a couple of weeks because Amanda was always busy.

"Its now or never." Kyle told his mom. "I'm not waiting another weekend for her.. by the time Amanda gets around to coming, Rosie could be twenty-two."

As it was, his Mom and Kelsey had decorated the whole dining room for the festives. It was buffet style with dips and chips and finger foods. People would be there any minute. Naturally, they had a table just for the gifts. Kyle wasn't sure what to expect. He really didn't want Rosie to be showered with gifts, but still she was turning a year old. It was exciting. And she knew something was up. Especially, when his Mom dressed her up in her pretty pink laced dress that she'd worn to get her picture taken in at the photo place that has the cutest pictures ready in thirty minutes. Yeah, she was getting pretty good with the cute stuff. Naturally, Kyle had wanted Amanda to be there for the photo shoot, but again she cancelled.

"What is Amanda's problem?" Kyle wanted to know. "Have I treated her that bad?"

"She just feels uncomfortable right now," his mom said. "You'll have to give her time."

Kyle nodded. Time. He wished she'd at least called. She only lived a few blocks away, and it felt as if she might as well have moved a couple of states away.

"Maybe you need to talk to Elliot more," his Mom suggested. Kyle scowled at that.

Finally guests arrived just as Kelsey was bringing in the pink birthday cake. It wasn't long until Ellie and Lon arrived with Charlie and Olivia and Roger.

"So is Nick coming?" Kyle wanted to know as he went to say hi to Charlie who Lon was holding.

"Yeah," Ellie nodded. "He just wanted to take his truck. He's bringing his friend along."

"Where's Amanda?" Roger asked who held on to Olivia's hand.

"Who knows." Kyle shrugged.

Nick got there with Heath and Amanda was the last to arrive with Elliot. Kyle wasn't sure he even wanted to give her the time of day.


ivy's closet said...

Cool new header..Amanda...hmmm..thats sad that she's being like this with Rosie.

the oaks said...

This could be intersting!

simon n josh said...

So love the new header! Oh..what drama could come from this???hehehee

cass and cady said...

October is looking very interesting here.

kelsey! said...

very cool. thanks for all your comments im really trying to write everything with my busy schedule. but im not giving up! :)

Raigan said...

Awww little rosie! I can just see her in a little pink adorable! Hoepfully amanda will be coming through more often