Wednesday, September 9, 2009

back home

"You know, I promised her I'd take care of you." Heath was laying next to Nick in bed. His chin was on Nick's bare chest.

"Well, we pretty much know who's taking care of who here," Nick said looking at Heath as he combed his fingers through his hair.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Heath squinted.

"That you don't want anyone to know you're even here." Nick reminded him.

"That was your idea." Heath sighed and drew a heart with his finger on Nick's chest and smiled.

"No, it was yours." Nick winced.

"OK, I wanted to lay low for a while, you know. I didn't want somebody looking for me." Heath laid back on his pillow then.

"Is he going to try to kill you?" Nick wasn't sure what they were up against.

"No." Heath squinted. "He just needs some time. He'll forget all about me. Maybe he thinks I'm good as dead out there where he left me."

"That is so sick." Nick winced shaking his head. "The dude should be in jail."

"I don't want to talk about it." Heath hugged himself then.


It didn't take long for Heath to wrap his arms around Nick. They were making out soon enough. Nick had never felt quite as in love as he did now.

"I still can't believe she's the president of the GLAAD chapter at your school." Heath then whispered. "She had to have known. She had too."

Nick just smiled. The more Nick kissed Heath. The more he wanted him.


the oaks said...

I hope Heath's ex won't show up.

simon n josh said...

I like Heath and Nick together.

dapper kid said...

I am sure Nick will be able to protect Heath :) Oh and jumping into a creek in a princess dress? That pretty much sounds like the perfect childhood memory to me!

billy and elliot said...

I liked the opening and the ending.

Jared said...

Woah, so I read back and to here and I'm still confused. Isn't Nick the homophobe???? Anyways, very nice. I liked it, non-cliche.

So, the rest is written of the "book." I'm unsure whether, to just stop, write another or go for another story along the same lines. Anyways, when Em posts the next part whenever that is, it's a bit confusing. Tell me what you think. It's meant to if that confused you haha.

ellie said...

hahahaa..confusing you am I. I guess you'll confuse me to...

Well, Olivia thinks he's the homophob. But I wrote a short story about Heath "undeclared" so maybe if you are interested its under the Heath & Nick link here.

Looking forward to your story.