Thursday, September 10, 2009


"What were you thinking? When you gave up Olivia?" Ian looked at Eric the next morning at the motel as they were getting ready to leave for home.

"What?" Eric squinted. He couldn't believe his brother was bringing her up. He didn't want to think about her.

"You know, how can you stand to see her with that friend of yours?" Ian shook his head. "I know they're doing it. Like bunnies. I bet."

"Ian?" Eric winced with a scowl. "Don't talk that way about Olivia." He didn't want to think about the sex. Her with Roger. Really, it wasn't something he thought about.

"She's a mega babe, sweet, totally, and you dumped her," Ian said. "How could you?"

"It was for the best." Eric told him. "I think she's happy now." She did look happy, he thought. Except, every word that came out of his mouth was wrong. He could see she couldn't stand him.

"Why didn't you make her happy?" Ian asked while Eric zipped up his suit case.

Honestly, Eric didn't have an answer for him. He bit his bottom lip, and he wondered why he hadn't made her happy. Happy like she was with Roger. True, it was a little hard to take, and he wished he hadn't asked them to meet them for breakfast back at that diner where they'd seen each other last night.

Leave it to Ian to get on his nerves now. Ian had a way of leaving him this little kernel of truth to plant into this thoughts. He knew it would do no good. But Ian brought it up, and now Olivia was on his mind.


blue hearts said...

I'm glad Ian spoke up. Make Eric think.

Sharon Rose said...

It seems Eric now wants what he can't have-Olivia, I wonder if she is truly happy with Roger??

billy and elliot said...

Oh, eric..

dapper kid said...

I hope Eric doesn't spend too much time thinking about her. I'm sure she is better off with Roger.

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Meg said...

You can totally tell they're brothers!

Emerald said...

@ Flavia M. from FRINGE MAGAZINE:
That was totally spamming.
Not cool. :(
@ E.L.:
Keep it up, you really get people going with this!