Friday, September 11, 2009

just before daybreak

"Why didn't you tell me," Ellie wanted to know once they were alone with Charlie at the motel room. It was in the wee morning hours and Charlie was wide awake. Those big darj eyes gave away exactly who's he was.

"All right, I know what you're thinking. But then that test came back, and my dad said he wasn't Lonnie's." Lon sighed.

"Did you look at the test?"

"Not exactly." Lon squinted.

"Are you sure there was even a test?" Ellie didn't mean to be so bitter, but she hoped she never saw this Sarah.

"I dunno. Anything is possible with Sarah, or even my Dad. What if he paid her off?"

"Its just, we should see Lonnie." Ellie hugged herself then as she tried not to look at the baby, but she couldn't help it. He was adorable, but she didn't like keeping this from Lonnie.

"No." Lon shook his head. "This is the last thing he needs to be worried about right now, all right. My name is still on the birth certificate. No need to get my family started about this. I can take care of it. I was planning on it, all along. And I want to see it through."

Ellie looked at Charlie who had to be at least seven months old. She held out her hand. He took it.
"Can we do this?" Ellie looked at Lon who kept staring at Charlie who was trying to stand up with his help.

"I'll figure it out. I have to," Lon said. "Its just amazing he turned out so perfect, you know. I can't believe it. And for him to be this happy, unbelievable. She could have done something to him, you know. Lots of bad things could have happened, but they didn't. I'm just glad to get him back. Can we leave it at that?"

Ellie nodded. She suspected he'd stay up with him. Really, she needed sleep if she were going to do the driving tomorrow.


selena st.john said...

I'm not sure if i have read your blog before, but i like teh posts in the beginning.they're gripping. :)

keep writing like this.

BTW. love this post too.

cait said...

I have a feeling isn't going to let this go until she talks with Lonnie.

ellie said...

Thank you very much Selena.

simon n josh said...

Wow, this could get heavy duty. Very interesting developements...I can't wait to see where it goes.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I've missed a bit but I will just have to re-read. Sorry I haven't commented sooner, I've been pretty busy with school.

past the point said...

I hope they can work this out.

the oaks said...

They are really going to have to get this settled.

Meg said...

Ellie seems unhappy about keeping things from Lon. I'm glad Charlie's ok!

Emerald said...

Thank you for following my blog E.L.!
I really appreciate it.
And your story just gets better and better.
I think it really connects to a lot of different people, with different personalities.
It's really good!