Saturday, September 19, 2009

in the basement

Nick switched on the light and Heath jumped up right away as if he were spooked.

"I might have got you in trouble," Heath said. "With Olivia, I suppose."

"Olivia?" Nick winced. "What happened?"

"I was smoking and she came home and-"

"Wait?" Nick put his hand on Heath's chest then. "You smoke?" He almost laughed. He hadn't noticed.

"Um, sometimes." Nick shrugged. "I didn't know she'd go ballistic, you know."

Nick smiled. They kissed, but before he knew it he heard foot-steps down the stairs. He broke away from him just in time. Olivia didn't knock. She came right in. She saw Heath and just stared at him. Then she looked at Nick as if she knew.

Nick wasn't sure if that was a scowl or a smile on her face, but she crossed her arms.

"What's he doing here?"

"We were hanging out." Nick cleared his throat as if he'd some how fool her. He was good at that, wasn't he?

"I don't think you should be smoking in the house." She looked at Heath.

"Sure. Not a problem." Nick nodded as if he would follow her instructions. She looked Heath over and then Nick.

Olivia nodded and stepped away. "Thanks." She left then and shut the door behind her just as Roger was coming down the stairs.

"You weren't too hard on him, were you?" Nick heard Roger say.

He couldn't hear anything after that. Heath just smiled and put his arm around Nick.

"You know its just a matter of time, don't you?" Nick looked at Heath out of the corner of his eye. He knew Olivia would tell Roger about them.

"And?" Heath didn't seem to have a problem with it.


simon n josh said...

I'm beginning to think Olivia knows all.

the oaks said...

I guess its a matter of time before they all know about Nick & Heath now.

Raigan said...

I really understand how lonnie feels about the whole dad thing. My dad has been such an odd part of my life, and i kind of want charlie to have his dad in his life but at the same time i know how much that can also hurt. hmm...I really want the best for little charlie!!!

I also want the best for heath, he seems so sweet and like he's just gotten into some sticky situations!!!

As for my friend looking like your cousin...I'm sure your cousin is gorgeous if she looks anything like melissa haha Melissa is apparently like what every guy wants. Which is fine...but getting compared to her isn't all that fun. Kinda learned that happens a lot this weekend....ha....awkward!!!

hope all is well :)


Meg said...

Oliva seems very perceptive!