Sunday, September 20, 2009

the possibilities

Kyle was certain he could get Rosie's party all wrapped up. Of course, Amanda hadn't done a thing. He and Kelsey were in his kitchen going over the details while Rosie was building something with her pink and white big Lego blocks.

"Look, I'll pick up the cake and set everything up." Kelsey told him. She'd made the party list sent out the invitations. Everyone from her playgroup at the school were coming.

"But what about Amanda?" Kyle was still perturbed that Amanda wouldn't take his phone calls.

"Maybe she has something special planned with her, all right?" Kelsey said.

"I guess." That must be it. She was so secretive. Kyle hated secrets.

"I don't guess Ellie would come." Kyle shrugged. Really, it was going to be an awful party. He just knew.

"No, I think she and Lon are coming." Kelsey smiled.

"Really? They want to come to Rosie's birthday party?" Kyle sighed with relief. "You think Roger and Olivia will come?"

"Possibly." Kelsey shrugged.

"I don't guess Nick would-"

"Isn't having Roger and Olivia here enough?" She smiled. She put a strand of thick hair behind her ear like an open invitation of some kind. Kyle couldn't resist to kiss her.


Cait said...

I'm glad Kyle and Kelsy are getting along. A birthday party for

Winnie said...

Aw that last bit was quite touching.

Jared said...

That was sweet in it's own way. Interesting too. Wondering where you're going...

dapper kid said...

I'm sure it will be a wonderful party :)

Raigan said...

thanks so much for your words of encouragement, i was really getting down about the whole friend issue because...well it just gets so annoying being compared to someone, but you helped me remember that it's ok to just be who i am, my approval is all thats needed.

Nick is so adorable, im so thankful he's such a great dad. i'm really happy he's doing this for rosie!

19 is a lot better then 13, theres an 8th grader at my school whos pregnant, i may or may not have told you that. I wish your cousin and her fiance the absolute best of luck in their marriage and with their child :)

As for hair i think i may just straighten it with my bangs down and possibly a cute headband, i'm not going all out because it's not actually MY homecoming haha I'm going with either my best friend or one of my guy friends (they go to the same school) to theirs and i'm excited!!! It's a really complicated story, but i'm still excited to be going! Mine is in like may or something crazy like that

your story of homecoming is so adorable, funny how things like that just sort of come to be. I can never talk to the adorable boys, i get super hyperly nervous. I'm getting past it though!!!

Thank you so much for being such a sweetheart :) have a great week!


fan fic said...

aw..I'm really glad they are back together.

elliestories said...

Kyle is one of my favorites.

Meg said...

As long as Rosie has a good time, the party will be a success.