Monday, September 21, 2009

somewhere in between

Ellie didn't call Lonnie. Well, she did, but all she got was his voice. It didn't seem the right thing to do. Leave some cryptic message about a baby.

What if it wasn't his, anyway? But she felt it was his. And classes were starting and there was so much to do with a baby in the house. After all, Lon did take the rest of the week off to get things settled with Charlie. So much paperwork to handle. Insurance. A check up. It was mind boggling.
Then there was the shock from Roger, who just couldn't quite believing it was happening. A baby in the house.

"You knew about this, didn't you?" He was ready to feud about it with Ellie.

"No, I didn't." And she hadn't until the last minute. "It just sort of fell into Lon's lap, all right."

Perhaps it was meant to be, she thought. Of course, Lon told him they could move out if that was what Roger wanted.

"Maybe this is too much for him." Lon was somber about it. She knew he was tired and still feeling guilty for not talking to Lonnie about all of this. "Maybe I could find my own place."

"No." Ellie was against it. "You just got Charlie settled in here. We'll all be fine. He doesn't need anymore disruptions." She was sure of it.

So it was settled. Charlie was moved in. He had his own room. Daycare at the University close to where Olivia worked. It was nice and yet it felt so wrong that she was keeping this from Lonnie, and yet she wanted to be there for Lon too. This was so hard to live with. Especially, when she dreamed about changing everything with just one phone call, and yet she couldn't do it.

Instead she watched Charlie, and she couldn't figure out if she was happy or sad. Maybe somewhere in-between.


Sharon Rose said...

There is a lot of pressure on Ellie, lets hope she doesn't do anything she regrets.

ivy's closet said...

I am sure it must be complicated. I hope it'll be good forever one with Charlie around.

Winnie said...

Well it's a big responsibility, I do hope it works out.

cait said...

I hope she gets to talk to Lonnie soon.