Tuesday, September 22, 2009

trying to recall

Olivia remembered Heath.

He was blond now. Not the emo black hair that she saw that night at the after-party. As it was he was just hanging out with Nick now. It just didn't seem real to Olivia. Didn't she have Nick all figured out?

So classes had started. Nick seemed to spend most of his day with his friend Ravi. She felt for sure Ravi took care of him through the day. She'd see them in the cafeteria together, laughing it up. It was good to see Nick had a friend. A friend who was determined to get him to have other friends.

But what had Heath wanted of Nick?

She had seen him once in Nick's room. It was so strange. So startling as if she'd uncovered something from Nick's room that she didn't know was there. Were they just hanging out? Or was it something entirely different?

"You're so quiet," Roger said as they were in their room with books spread about the bed, and Olivia was on her laptop typing up notes.

"Its nothing, really." She shook her head. "Just you know, studying." She shrugged trying not to think what a good actor Nick really was. He wasn't a homo-phob, after all. It hurt that he wouldn't be honest with her. Why?

"You sure? Its nothing else?" Roger looked at her intensely.

"No," she smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "You better type those notes up so you can read them."

"Why would I do that?" He winced.

"Don't you want to retain anything?" She nudged him. "It'll help too when you decide to write up a paper. You can copy and paste then. Really it does help."

Roger just nodded and did as she said on his laptop. Meanwhile, Olivia wondered just where Heath was and what he was doing. And what had he done to Nick.


Cait said...

Olivia is starting to be my favorite. I like how she stirs (is that right) Roger along. & about her thoughts on Heath & Nick, too.

Ivyoaks said...

I like how Olivia is with Roger.She is the interesting sort with this thing about Heath and Nick.

the oaks said...

Olivia is a smart girl.

simon n josh said...

finally putting 2 and 2 together..I guess.

dapper kid said...

Wonder if Olivia will figure out what's going with Nick and Heath?

Meg said...

I wonder if she will figure it out!

Meg said...

Sorry, I just read one of your comments on an old post (I am seriously behind) and I wanted to watch The Beautiful Life, but I missed it and I've just been busy lately. I plan on trying to find it online though.