Friday, October 16, 2009

a distant memory

Kyle was so mad at Amanda. He wanted to yell at her. Best he could do was slam some cabinet doors around the kitchen.

Rosie wasn't there to hear it. She was off with his mother grocery shopping. They'd left him some time alone. Kyle sucked at his bottom lip, shaking his head. This was not fair. He should have known how she was the first moment he met her. Why hadn't he walked away? Why hadn't he gone for the drunk girl that night? Anyone but Amanda. He felt so bitter inside. When would this stop? When could he keep his cool, again? He didn't want this much mess to deal with. He shut his eyes tight. Took a few deep breaths. His cell rang. It was the emergency room.

Amanda had been in a car accident.

Naturally, he called his Mom to tell her where he was going. He got there as quickly as he could. Expecting the worst. Really, he didn't want anything to happen her. His heart was pounding, and he thought he might throw up. But as he drove there, he thought he better stay the speed limit. He didn't want to get into an accident, either. Finally, he arrived and was directed to where Amanda laid on white bed in one of the curtained rooms. She had an awful bruise on her head. She was hooked up to a baby heart monitor. He guessed he should have expected it.

"Elliot?" She mumbled.

Kyle didn't say anything. He looked on his cell for Elliot's number and called. Hopefully, he was out of class for the day and would take it. He told him what had happened to Amanda.

"Here." He handed her his phone. He felt as if he'd been stabbed with little needles of pain right in the heart. He turned away and just listened to the baby's heartbeat. The nurse then mentioned that everything with the baby looked fine. They were worried about a concusion. Kyle just nodded.

"Here, you go." She was off the cell finally.

Kyle licked his dry lips. There was nothing to say. He just stared at her, feeling they were total strangers. His nose dripped just a bit so did his eyes. He was sure it was his allergies.


SR@MyStyle said...

Poor Kyle, he did the right thing though.

cait said...

I love Kyle. That was sad.

ivy's closet said...

Poor Kyle, he's so good. He really is.

Emily Cato said...

Sadface! :(