Thursday, October 15, 2009

miles to go

"Look, I need a favor." It was Kyle on Amanda's cell. She'd avoided as much as she could to talk with him these days.

"What?" She wasn't in the mood, but she'd answered it, accidently. As it was, she was on her way to the OBGYN.

"Homecoming is coming up. Are you doing anything?"

Amanda just scowled. She felt as if she was in a flashback of some sort. But here she was on campus walking to her car.

"What are you going on about?" She felt slightly dizzy as it was. She knew she should have eaten before she went to class. She only had some change in her purse and a piece of Trident.

"Look, you haven't seen Rosie in weeks. Don't you think its your time to take her for, you know, a weekend or something." Kyle told her. When was the last time she'd seen their toddler?

"Jesus, Kyle," Amanda fretted. "First you go on that I have her too much. Now I don't see her enough. You're never happy."

"Could you take her Homecoming weekend?"

"No," she wouldn't make it easy for him. "I can't take her then. I'm busy." She had to get to the car. She had too.


"Fine." She said right back and that was the end of that conversation. She went on to her car and noticed on cell she had fifteen minutes to get to her appointment. She had to hurry.


Anonymous said...

Amanda and Kyle defitnetely need to works things out. I'm back :) For as long as I can be. Boy, I have a lot to catch up on.

cait said...

why does she have to be so mean to the father of her baby?

the oaks said...

Oh, Amanda..if she could look past herself..sometimes.

Charlene Ashley Dy said...

Pretty photo!

simon n josh said...

Oh wow, looks like a fight to me.