Wednesday, October 14, 2009

not quite cracked

"I've been thinking." It was Rex on Nick's cell. "You know, you and what's his face."

"My boyfriend has a name," Nick reminded him. "Its Heath." He wasn't so sure he wanted to have this conversation with his brother on campus. He was on his way to meet Ravi for lunch at the Student Union.

"That's so Brokeback, you know that," Rex joked.

"What do you want?" Nick scowled, hoping to hurry up and get off the phone with him.

"You know, I could have told Mom and Dad, but it would have back fired on me. Look, I won't, all right. You tell them, when you're good and ready."

"You mean it?" Nick asked.


"No more gay jokes?"

"I guess. It'll be hard. Oh, God, I am so funny. I should be at the Funny Bone." He laughed for a good long bit which annoyed Nick so much. "Um, yeah, I'm cool with it little bro."

"OK, thanks." Nick clicked off. It was a slight relief to him as he walked on to find Ravi waiting on the steps for him.

"Hey, you're looking chipper." Ravi grinned.

"No, you are, my friend." Nick just chuckled not sure if Ravi was serious or joking some of the times but he just went along with it. "So how did it work out with those girls?"

"What girls?" Now he was really messing with Ravi's head. He looked shocked.

They got burgers and fries and headed for the soda machines.

"Didn't you have a date with a couple of girls. I thought you were, like dating in multiples now, or something." Nick shrugged.

"They only want me for my French abilities."

"French abilities?" That sounded interesting.

"My French capabilities." He clarified.

Nick wasn't sure if their was a difference. He bit in to a fry and squirted what he could with ketchup.

"There are no girls." He looked sad. "They wanted to use me."


"I'm very good in French."

"I thought that might have meant something else." Nick looked at him.

"Like what?"

"Kissing." Nick winced.

"Kissing was not involved."


"I know," Ravi sighed and finally, bit into his burger. "How did you get so lucky? Someone to spend all your time with."

"You're so funny," Nick smiled, not knowing what else to say. "You just have to be at the right place at the right time."

"Always wrong place, wrong time for me." He sounded depressed now. "I went to some mixer. They made fun of me."

"That's awful." Nick winced.

"I wanted to be in a Fraternity." He put down his burger as if he'd had enough.

"I don't like Fraternities. My brother is in one. He wanted me to be in the same one here, but I don't want too." Nick told him.

"Everything sucks. I can't seem to do anything right for any of my professors. My roommate spends a majority of his time with his girl in our room. He doesn't even care if I watch."

"You should hang out with Heath and me more." Nick nodded.

"You better talk to Heath about it first." Ravi told him. "See, I even remembered his name."

Nick smiled. He guessed Heath would be cool with it.


Liya said...

cool blog!

elliestories said...

Rex isn't that funny.

the oaks said...

I hope his brother will be nice now.

Jem said...

this sounds cool... you should check out this site called for national writing month, where you write a story in one month, it seems to me you might like it! i totally agree with you consering the princess diana post i did on my blog... those are other reasons why i love her so!

dapper kid said...

I'm glad Rex is going to lay off him a bit, it should make everything that more easier.

ElasticHeart said...

Rex + die. Though he seems like he can be alright.

Emily Cato said...

I don't like Rex, just saying. :-p

Thanks for the background stories though, it definitely caught me up!

Cait said...

I loved his conversation with Ravi. I hope he finds a girl..soon.

Wana said...

"French abilities?" That sounded interesting.

"My French capabilities." He clarified.

love this story. i'm late but hooked/:0)