Tuesday, October 13, 2009

what makes you stronger

Lon had some how managed to stay on at the University in spite of the cutbacks. Not that he was a professor of any kind. But he did have some education in air conditioning and heating. He just needed to be tested out on being an electrician. Just a few little details that kept him busy studying at night.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Ellie looked at him as if he'd bitten off more than he could chew. He was up late at night studying for the exam.

"I have to." He knew she wanted him in bed and it wasn't about sex. Just sleep. He never seemed to get enough of it, lately.

"Maybe you and Kyle can start business together some day." She smiled.

"I don't know, maybe by then I can move on to something entirely different." He grinned.

"Like what?" She winced.

"Maybe if I keep studying, I'll actually be a professor." He half laughed. Really, he didn't see that in the future, but he was sure this stuff he was doing could make you old fast.

Ellie rubbed his tired shoulders.

"So how are your classes?" He really wanted to monitor this. If she failed a course, he promised he'd move out with Charlie. He didn't want them bringing her down. She did spend a lot of time with Charlie. He didn't want her thinking he was using her.

"OK." She nodded. "Actually, I'm doing better than over the summer, but then again. Its only the beginning." She shrugged.

"Yeah, only the beginning." He sighed, and looked up at her. Her fingers went through his hair, and he thought he might fall asleep for a second. He struggled to keep his eyes open. "You are making me so sleepy."

"Then come to bed." She closed his book. "You'll do fine on that test."

"And what if I don't?"

She grabbed his hand. He guessed he was going to bed. He followed her up stairs. It was then, he knew she had more on her mind than sleep when she tugged off his T-shirt.


Cait said...

I think its hard to always be the mature one in everything. All these new worries of Lon's. Still he's a good guy.

Sharon Rose said...

they seem to be really good for each other, lets hope everything keeps to plan for them.

Ivyoaks said...

I think Lon is a great guy.

the oaks said...

Looks like he's having some fun, too.

Anonymous said...

I hope you will compile this all together. I would love to read it as a whole!
(thanks for all the comments!)


Jem said...

this is quite neat, its really well written. thank so much for your lovely comment on my blog, its very sweet of you.

Valencia Lia said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!

You're writing all this as a story ?! Ohhh I do want to see it come to live as a book ! Wooooo

And on the skull tee,you should make it a dress !

Emily Cato said...

Wait, do i need to read further back? Because I'm confused. Lol.

I still love it though!

Victoria-H said...

:) thanks sweetie.
Yeaa those r good bands ;) I agree