Friday, October 23, 2009

envy much

Eric had seen Ellie and Lon at Wal-mart with a baby. Charlie, he supposed. Didn't look a thing like Lon, but he supposed babies didn't have to look exactly like the dad. Which made him wonder what Amanda's baby would look like. Really, he tried not to think that way.

He didn't approach Ellie, either. Eric supposed he would be the last person she would want to see. And as of late, it seemed no one really wanted to see him. He'd left Amanda a couple of voice messages. She hadn't got back to him. Even e-mailed her. But nothing.

It was a bit unnerving to feel like the villain in all of this. It was quite sad and honestly, he had no intention of this turning into such a life changing experience. And now he was hiding in the coats, hoping to get a good look at Ellie.

She looked so happy. She was never that kind of happy with him, and it bothered him. What was it that Lon did? It was as if they were becoming one. She smiled. He smiled. God, they looked a bit like each other. It was totally foreign to him.

He could only hope she'd be bored of him. The whole family thing. He didn't want to wish it, but he really did envy them so much. Eric left soon enough. Going unnoticed. He got back home to his laptop, hoping he'd hear from someone. He knew it wouldn't be Amanda. But he did get an e-mail.

What exactly do you want the answer to be? Do you think she's in love with you? Are you in love with her? Does any of it really matter to you? Or is it the fact she's found Elliot and you detest him so much?

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SR@MyStyle said...

Eric really needs to concentrate on future relationships, instead of dwelling on his past loves, it will only be the worse for him.

Anonymous said...

I kinda' fell bad for Eric a bit. But then kinda' not.

( C: )


Ivyoaks said...

oh, Eric grow up!

liana said...

cool blog. what is this story?

Emily Cato said...

I feel bad for him now... that feeling has to suck! :(

TearDrop. said...