Saturday, October 24, 2009

making a stir

It had been a bad night.

Shane, the quietest guy in the world had gone off on Heath. At the moment he felt shell shocked. Something like that. it was as if a bomb had gone off when Shane went ballistic in the library. He didn't hurt anyone. Just himself.

The clerk wouldn't let him check out his usual five videos. They had changed the rules. Shane screamed like a banshee and then proceeded to beat his chest like King Kong and stomp around. He kept punching at him self. Then he'd stop sporadically and look at Heath to say, "I'm sorry." Then he'd go back to his little seizure of pain.

Heath tried to call the home before someone dialed 911. Now, Heath just felt the aftermath of it. He'd rode home in silence when Nick picked him up. So much for him trying to talk him down. It felt useless.

"Hey, what happened?" Nick wanted to know.

"What didn't happen." He looked at the city lights. He felt as if he needed a tranquilizer. A car screeched by and Heath flinched. "I don't know if I can do this." He shook his head.

"Its Friday night. You've got the weekend to relax. Remember, we're going to your parents." Nick smiled.

"About that-"

"Don't you back out on me." Nick looked at him.

"It was horrible, Nick, and- I don't know if I can set myself up to be kicked down again. Something has just got to get better, you know." Heath looked at him as they pulled into the driveway.

"But I'll be there." Nick told him.

"Its not like we're married, you know." Heath stated. "Not that it would make a difference. They would never see it that way. They wouldn't. And I'm not saying, we will, you know. But-" Heath closed his eyes. "Just don't expect anything from this-" He shook his head.

They went inside. It was colder out now so Nick went to heat some milk for hot chocolate in the kitchen.

"Maybe you're wrong about them." Nick told him.

"I wish I were." Heath looked at him.

"So you're saying we can stay up all night and sleep Saturday away." Nick poured milk in the mugs and squirted in chocolate syrup. Then gave it a swirl.

"Something like that." Heath sighed as he sipped his hot chocolate.

"Oh, can't forget the Cool Whip." Nick smirked going to the fridge.

Heath looked at the hot chocolate. It was hard to believe he'd just been with a twenty-seven year old who couldn't help but beat himself up at the library.


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the oaks said...

I feel bad for Heath. That would be scary. I would have second thoughts about teaching.

Emily said...

Wow! You're an amazing writer!! I can't wait to read what happens next :)

simon n josh said...

Hope things look up for Heath.

elliestories said...

That was freaky about Shane.

Cady said...

Really interesting.
I have a lot to catch up on. ha.

e.l. said...

Its so good to hear from you..but this is the story I was telling you about when I last chatted with you.