Sunday, October 25, 2009

coming back

Nick wasn't sure if Heath would go or not.

"Lets just go for a drive. We can always keep on driving, you know." He packed up some goodies that Ellie and Olivia had made for them.

"There's always fudge." Ellie smiled. "Well, according to Kyle, anyway, he showed me an easy way to make it. And you know, its different." She had it all packaged up with a bow tied around it.

Olivia had framed a picture of the Nick and Heath together.

"His mom might say no, but she'll want to look at it. One of these days." Olivia had told Nick. Naturally, Heath wouldn't say a word.

"You," Olivia poked Heath in the chest. "Have to think positive. Quit being Mr. I Hate Everything. You know you want to see them." She left it at that, and soon Nick and Heath were on the road. Actually, the place he grew up wasn't all that far from where they lived, a little over an hour away.

"Well?" Nick looked at Heath as they came into York. "Any last words?"

"Not really. Just that its not very exciting around here." It was a farming community. Nick shook his head. He would have never suspected Heath was from this part of the world. Soon they went down a dusty country road, passing field after field of corn, or what was left of it, harvest time was practically over. And then there was an old farm house by a grove of oak trees.

"This is it." Heath told him.

"You grew up on a farm?" Nick looked at him. Heath just shrugged.

They got out of the truck and Nick took out the basket of goodies. Slowly they walked up the steps to the old wooden porch that wrapped around the house.

"Maybe, no-body's home." Heath gave a faint smile. But the dog started to bark and the door opened. The old screen door flung open. It was his sister, almost as tall as Heath, who wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly.


SR@MyStyle said...

So it was well worth the visit, good for them to make the effort.

cait said...

That's great his sister met him!

Anonymous said...


the oaks said...

That's sweet. I'm glad his sister hugged him.

sophie said...

lol, thanks.
did you write this?? it's amazing! x

dapper kid said...

Aww that ending was so sweet :)

Emily said...

awww :) so cutee

simon n josh said...

I'm glad he went home. Great!

Matias Bouhet said...

hello, im here again! i always like your blog!

E said...

You have such a knack for dialogue. I always thought that was the hardest thing in the world to write.