Monday, October 26, 2009

every now and then

"Is it really you?" Amber looked up at Heath. She was full of smiles. She hugged him tight. He could barely breathe.

"I missed you." He touched the top of her chestnut hair and just smiled.

"Its been forever," she said. "Come on, you are coming in, aren't you?" She took his hand and pulled him toward the front door.

"Wait," Heath took in a deep breath while things weren't so bad yet. "I want you to meet, someone." He looked at Nick. Amber eyed him too. "This is Nick."

She just nodded as if she knew who he really was. They proceeded on. Amber was quiet. He could hear his mother in the kitchen. She was drying dishes.

"Mom," Amber said. "Guess who's here?"

She looked through the door way, and Heath saw the look on her face. She'd missed him too. But no words were spoken. He embraced her there in the kitchen, and he felt her warm tears on his shoulder. He was really home.

A few minutes later they were sitting around the kitchen table. His mom made them tea and their were the goodies. She asked about what had happened. Was he still on scholarship? Then the shock that he was actually graduating, and he'd be student teaching soon.

And then it came to Nick. How that came about. And Heath was a bit shocked how warm his mother was to Nick. It didn't seem possible, but he supposed his mother thought Nick had saved him from something or someone. That was what had mattered most in the end.

"Where's Dad?" Heath finally asked.

"Work, silly, you know he has to work everyday at the Feed Co-op." She smiled then and Heath wondered if they should go now before he got home. He could change everything in a blink of an eye.


sophie said...

thanks to you too ^^ i'm def going to keep reading! x

simon n josh said...

I'm so glad he got to see his mom. Hopefully, his Dad won't be that bad.

the oaks said...

I'm glad he's back. Hopefully, all will fall into place as it should.

fan fic said...

so sweet & well..there's that Dad to worry about.

sophie said...

thanks xx

Anonymous said...

*crosses fingers*
Hope daddy won't ruin it.