Sunday, October 4, 2009


"I'm really not big on horror." Nick heard Heath say to Kelsey as they were at IHOP drinking coffee.

Somehow, they'd made it through dinner which he supposed would have been horrific if he'd gotten up and told everyone he was gay. Still it bothered him that he hadn't. It was sort of like waiting forever at church for the last bit of a hymnal asking if you'd like to come up to ask God for forgiveness. He knew they were nothing of the same. And yet, what remained was the part about being totally honest. Perhaps he should do it at church. But then there was the thought they'd put him in a straight jacket and take him off to some camp to get the 'gay' out of him so he wouldn't be going to church.

"What are you thinking?" Kyle looked at Nick.

"Oh, its nothing." Nick shook the thought.

"You look pretty out of it, Nick. What happened?" Kyle wanted to know.

"I dunno." He looked at Heath then, but he didn't get any help from him. He was looking through the menu. "I have something to say." It made his ears hurt to talk. "Maybe I'll just wait until Roger and Olivia get here."

"OK." Kyle looked at Kelsey.

"I am still so full from dinner. I should just have coffee." Heath said as he drank his iced water now.

"So you're going to work with this boys' home?" Kelsey looked at Heath.

"Well, its a state home for boys who's parents can't take care of them. They have problems." Heath shrugged. "I just have to take them out to eat and to the library, mostly. Shouldn't be too hard. You know, a little socialising and then just watch TV. I guess."

"Sounds challenging." Kelsey nodded.

"We'll see." Heath gave her a half smile.

"You aren't dreading it, are you?" Nick looked at him then. He thought he was happy about getting the position.

"No, its just I don't know what to expect," Heath said. Nick knew exactly how he felt. He didn't know what to expect, either.


dapper kid said...

Must be hard for him, but I think when he's ready he will tell everyone, and they may actually surprise him.

cass and cady said...

Well, Kelsey might be the most surprised.