Saturday, October 3, 2009

so who knew

"What do you mean?" Roger wasn't following this conversation with Olivia.

"Nick and Heath." She just said as they were driving into the middle of the night to IHOP.

"I don't get it." She had to be wrong about the two of them. "Heath?"

"He's gay."

"Well, all right," Roger had to think about this for a bit. "But Nick?"


"No, he's not. I'd know if he were. I would." Roger looked at Olivia then.

"OK, it doesn't matter. Nick is in love with Heath. And I'm pretty sure, very sure, Heath feels the same way about him." Olivia told him.

"What about Ravi? He looks pretty gay, to me." Roger went on to say as if this was the most ridiculous conversation he'd ever heard.

"Ravi is Nick's friend. He's not gay." Olivia explained.

"I dunno. This is just- Nick. Not Nick." Roger winced as if he were hurt that he'd never known. "He's my friend."

"What? What are you saying?" Olivia winced.

"He should have told me. Why didn't he tell me? He could trusted me." Roger squinted hard.

"Which reminds me, you have to act like you don't know. Nothing." She glared back at him that he better stop thinking all this about Nick and Heath.

"What?" He looked at her then as he drove into the IHOP parking lot.

"He probably doesn't want anyone to know." She told him. "You have to act like you didn't know."

"No." Roger shook his head. "I-"

"Roger. No." Olivia ordered. "Say nothing." She pointed her finger at him. "For the sake of your friendship. Say nothing." She gave him a quick kiss then as if to take it off his mind. It had. He kissed her back as if it were time to make out and not have a thing to do with this little late night hangout with Kyle and Kelsey along with Nick and Heath.


Cait said...

This was sort of funny about Roger. I like their little spats.

simon n josh said...

I wonder if roger will blow it.

the oaks said...

They are so fun together.