Thursday, October 8, 2009

how to deal

Heath could think of all sorts of things he and Nick could be doing, but here they were in the family room with Rex. They couldn't cuddle, but they could watch Rex makeout with his new girlfriend. It was brutal. Disgusting, in fact. Heath did his best not to flinch. He sat in a leather recliner trying to focus on the TV. Nick sat in the other recliner hugging himself and frowning as if he hated it here.

Rex giggled with the redhead. Nick didn't notice. Heath couldn't help but look at Nick, pleaing inside his brain that he had to do something. Now.

"You think we could take a walk?" Heath said so quietly that he hoped Rex didn't hear. It was way after midnight. Why were they staying up so long?

Nick grabbed Mitz, their little lap dog mut, as if their was a purpose to go out.

"Hey, you two," Rex looked up at Nick. "Try to keep your hands to yourselves now," he laughed as if was so funny.

Nick gave him a taunting smile. Heath stared at Nick thinking this was the moment he'd spill his guts in a screaming match. Heath bent down and petted Mitz who was excited at the thought of an early morning walk.

"Come on." Heath then said to Nick. Finally they left out the front door.

"What is his problem?" Heath wanted to know.

"He thinks I'm perfect," Nick sighed. "I dunno. He's just annoying. Always has been. I mean, I know they think we get along great. Anyone would say we did, but get us, you know, home, and he goes off like this."

"Just being a brother, I guess." Heath kept his hands in his pockets. He smiled and they walked under the street lights.

"You ever have that problem?" Nick edged closer to Heath then so they were so close and even touching.

"No, my little sister is great." Heath nodded. "I miss her. Haven't seen Amber in a long time. I think she's a Freshman in high school."

"Have you ever tried to go back? You know, see your parents." Nick asked.

Heath shook his head, no. "What would be the point?"

"Well, maybe they've changed."

"You can't change my Dad." Heath sighed.

"What would he do to you?" Heath could tell Nick was thinking about his own parents.

"He hates me. Thats all there is to it. And I'm not welcomed there." Heath told him.

He could see the tears in Nick's eyes.

"Its OK," Heath smiled. "It doesn't mean your family will get that upset and tell you they don't want to ever you again. Its just I have old school parents to deal with, thats all."

But he was upset. All Heath could do was hug him. Let him cry into his shoulder. Finally they went back in with the dog.

Rex saw Nick in the kitchen. He was getting some sodas out of the fridge.

"What happened?" Rex looked at Nick and then Heath.

"Its nothing." Nick winced, but his face was dripping in tears.

"What did you do to my brother?" Rex got in Heath's face. He backed away.

"He didn't do anything to me," Nick let out more of yelp than anything. Suddenly, Heath knew Nick was in boyfriend mode. He was just different. Rex noticed immediately.

"Can you just give him-" Heath started.

"Shit!" Rex's eyes lit. "You are screwing around with my brother, you goddamn, homo!" Now Rex was pushing Heath who pushed right back, just as hard.

Heath bit at his upper lip, trying to think what to say.

"Can we just not wake your parents," Heath squinted. "Just leave Nick, alone." Heath shook his head. "You don't know, what we're doing."

"You better not be fucking him in this house," Rex scowled as if that would be worse possible scenerio.

"Believe me, I would not do anything like that, especially here, but you might." Heath shrugged. "I guess you do, with anyone you bring home. Evidently."

Heath took Nick's hand so they could go to his room. Heath had doubts he'd get any sleep. But at least they'd be away from Rex.


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Rex is pretty mad. Wooooo...