Friday, October 9, 2009

under pressure

Nick set there waiting for the bottom to fall out in his room.

"Hey, we can still go...home," Heath smiled holding his hand as if he could be possibly be all he'd need. "I drank way too much coffee. I could drive if you like."

Nick remained even lipped. He thought he might be sick, thinking of somebody beating down his door. But no one came.

"He'll tell them," Nick said as he stared at the door.

"Let him." Heath nodded.

"No, I should do it. I want them to hear it from me." He cleared his throat that was raw.

"I know you do," Heath said. "What are you going to do? Go in their bedroom and tell them at the foot of the bed."

Nick could hardly keep a laugh in, then. That would be just funny. Totally hilarious. He looked over at Heath. Then he thought what Rex had said about them. Heath touched his face, and he kissed him.

Rex could say what ever wanted about them, but Nick knew how he felt about Heath. They weren't having sex, and when they did, he knew it would be out of love.


the oaks said...

aw..I'm glad they have each other.

dylan said...

Hopefully, things won't be that bad.

dapper kid said...

I hope things will be ok, they really do make quite the couple.

Michael said...

Aawe, I love it. Heath seems so dreamy.