Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'd said what I'd said that I'd tell ya

"I don't know why I'm taking this call," Kyle said first thing on his cell when he knew it Eric. "I shouldn't. Why should I talk to you?"

"I'm sorry," Eric sounded as if he'd been crying. Maybe. But Kyle really doubted it. "I really think we should talk."

"So talk." Kyle looked at his digital clock. It was 2 in the morning.

"I don't know what to say." Eric could barely get the words out. "I know I messed up. I really did this time." He cleared his throat then. "I think I need to talk to Amanda."

"So you know." Kyle ominously sighed.

"Know what?" Eric shot back.

"She's gonna have a baby."

"She is?" It was quiet then. "Olivia said she was engaged."

"Yeap. Looks that way." Kyle did his best to sound happy about it, but it was hard.

"Do you think she'd-" Eric let out a deep sigh. "Talk to me?"

"Well, she doesn't talk to me unless she absolutely has too." Kyle told him. "She's just not in the mood you know, for talking, I guess. She's busy."

"I was wondering if you, you know, could you give me her number, I guess. How about her e-mail?" Eric asked.

"Don't you just want to text her?" Kyle mentioned rather cynical.

"I want to see her face to face. Where could I do that?" Eric was asking for a lot, but Kyle got on his computer then and decided he'd help Eric. He had her schedule and e-mail.


ivy's closet said...

I'm glad Kyle can still manage to be friends with Eric.

SR@MyStyle said...

Thats really good of Kyle to help Eric.

Anonymous said...

Glad he's helping. I feel so bad for Eric...

cass and cady said...

Kyle is soooo Kyle. He's sweet after all.

the oaks said...

I'm glad these two are talking.

Jared said...

I feel overly bad for Eric, but its good with the two. Anyways, a few things. Finally posted, sorry bout the confusingness. Also if you're wondering I do read your blog everyday, just dont comment. If you want me to comment, say so.

Anonymous said...

Kyle is being so great. Such a big change in his character since the beginning of this story.

Anonymous said...

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