Monday, October 19, 2009

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Ellie decided to do it. She could handle it. Leia and Charlie at the same time. It would be good for the both of them. Actually, Charlie and Ellie to drive to where Leia was living.

Lon smiled. He didn't try to stop her which really amazed her. She guessed. But then she knew he trusted he,r and it would be a little scary if she thought about this drive too much. A part of her wondered if she was asking too much of herself, but then she saw young mothers everywhere, and she knew if she didn't worry then it would be all right. It also helped to have Matt & Kim's Grand CD in the car too. It made the trip feel like a little adventure. They made good time. They were at the housing where Leia lived. She was in the hub making drinks at the snack area.

Ellie could hardly believe how much Leia improved. She was walking, and very excited to see her.

"Oh my God! You had a baby! How did you do that, Ellie?" She was all smiles and ready to play with Charlie who was a little shy and startled with the loud voices in the building. Ellie wasn't sure if he could take much more of it. He got a bit a fussy.

"He's not my baby," Ellie couldn't help but laugh. "Its Lon's baby." She'd told her all this on the phone but evidently Leia wasn't listening or she forgot. Perhaps it was a bit premature of thinking Leia would be out on her own soon. But she took Ellie and Charlie on a walk, around campus.

"I might get a job soon," Leia told Ellie.

"That's great." Ellie was impressed. It would be a job where she'd live here and work as an aid at a nearby school.

"Yeah, then I get to try assimilated apartment living."

"Sounds fun." Ellie was really impressed with Leia wonderful progress from the motorcycle accident.

"When I got here I couldn't even put words together. And I couldn't remember anything. It so freaky, but I love it here." Leia told her. "And I met someone."

"Really?" Obviously, Leia was really remembering her flirting, Ellie thought.

"Yeah, they don't really like for you to, you know, get involved with anyone here, but, well, he's so sweet, and I love talking with him." Of course, she couldn't wait for Ellie to meet Salvatore who was in a wheel chair.


chubskulit said...

Great to know that Liea is having a good progress on here accident.. another exciting chapter/episode!

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TearDrop. said...

they Could Be BFFs!:)

Jowy said...


One Love,

the oaks said...

great they touched base.

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-thats so nice Ellie is visiting Leia and that shes making good progress too!

Anonymous said...

:3 I love reading the story progress.

Anonymous said...

hmmm salvator...

the oaks said...

I'm so glad her friend is doing so much better. It wouldn't be easy going on a drive with just the baby.

simon n josh said...

That's great about Leia.