Tuesday, October 20, 2009

just a job

Heath had done so well the first two weeks at work. Granted, his group was perhaps scared of him. A little of him, hoped they stayed that way, but he was beginning to think he was a terrible teacher. Since most of the time he was restating what ever he was told to say to them. He felt like a robot. Usually, dinner went lovely. Then a trip to the library. And on most days it was set in stone what was to be done.

He was glad to see that they did go out for really nice meals. Well, usually, family places(Although, he thought they should make more meals at home so they could cut back the calories). And everyone was well behaved. Perhaps they were heavily medicated. Not that everyone was sedated. Bart the deaf boy was quite animated usually. And he could get a bit touchy, feely with the waitress. Who ever was nearby. It was Bart's sweet way of trying to figure things out. Of course, Heath wasn't so sure just how to reprimand Bart.

He was just thankful he didn't have to do the driving. But there was this twinge of regret, he guessed and finally he decided to talk to Nick about it.

"I don't know what to do if one of them has an episode." It was his biggest fear. He'd listen to how he was suppose to call for help, but wasn't there something he had to do.

"Don't think about it," Nick said. "You'll stay calm. I know you won't over react. It won't be your fault."

Heath wasn't so sure that made him feel any better. "I guess it couldn't be any worse teaching, right?"

"Right," Nick nodded who was trying to get some studying done at his desk. "Bad things happen everywhere."

"That makes me feel so much better." He winced. Heath still had a few weeks of teaching to get through. Then he'd graduate from college.

"Remember, we are going to see your parents." Nick had decided. They'd talked about this for weeks. "This is the weekend."

"I thought we were going out with Ravi and that girl he met LARPING." Nick shrugged and fell back on the bed ready to rest.

"Do you really want to go to a farm in Kansas for the weekend?" Nick looked at him.

"But you might really like it." Heath grinned.

"No, we are doing this, and you have to stop worrying about them."

"And just when are you going to talk to your parents about us, Halloween?" Heath gave Nick a look, and he stopped what he was doing. It was time for a bit of wrestling match.

"Maybe I will," Nick said. Heath was really in no hurry about so many things.


the oaks said...

Maybe its good to be aware of these things with who you are working with. I think, anyway.

Ivyoaks said...

I hope his job will go ok..and so about his parents too.

Audrey said...

Thank you for the comment : ) Im glad to know my header looks good from a different perspective and its not just me.haha. xoxo

Cait said...

cool pic..hmmm..yeah, always have that feeling when I work too.

Meg said...

Oh wow, I am so behind! I have some serious catching up to do!