Saturday, October 31, 2009

it could get frightful

The fridgid air of winter was closing in. Really, Heath wasn't sure why they went to the haunted house with Roger and Olivia. Ravi came along too with a new girl named Bridget that he had met at LARP.

"You won't make me LARP, will you?" Heath huddled with Nick in the truck.

"No. I don't LARP." Nick winced as if how could Heath even think it.

"Thank God." He saw his breath in the air. "You know this is 20 bucks for what, twenty minutes of fright. Maybe?"

"Yeah, I know." Nick looked to see Roger and Olivia walking toward his truck.

"20 bucks I don't have." Heath had it, but he didn't want to spare it.

"I got it." Nick looked at him.

"I'd rather stay in the truck and makeout." Heath slightly smiled.

Nick rolled down his window then as Roger approached. "I think we changed our mind." Nick slightly squinted as the cold wind hit his face. "We'll wait for you, though."

"Chicken shit." Roger groveled. Ravi and Bridget stood behind him.

"Yes, I'm the chicken shit." Heath gave Roger a smart smile. He looked over to his side of the truck where Olivia was texting someone. He looked back at Roger wondering what was going on. Maybe Olivia was getting tired of Roger's crap. "You guys have a good time, OK." He gave Roger a salute then and put his arm around Nick. "See you later." Heath reached over and rolled up the window. He gave Nick a very longing kiss then. There were so many things he felt better about now. His family for one. He still couldn't get over how accepting they were of Nick.

He felt Nick's warm hands under his sweater. They were going to steam the windows up, after all. No need to think anyone could see them kissing.

Later they met up at Roger's so the party could commence at midnight. Of course, it was just Heath and Nick along with Ravi and Bridget. Naturally, Heath couldn't see any of them consuming the entire keg that Roger had some how got a hold of. But Roger was making a big deal about it.

"Beer for everyone!" He was all smiles.

"God, I hope the police don't come." Heath was worried. That was all he needed to start his student teaching off on a sour note.

Ravi and Bridget were happy to share the alcohol. Again, Olivia was off in her room texting.

"What are you doing?" Heath asked as he watched her smile. Who ever she was texting was really making her smile.

"Its nothing, really." She shut her cell and looked at him.

"It really looked like something to me, who is it?"

"My old boyfriend's little brother," Olivia shrugged. "He's not even 15. Its nothing. Honest." She plopped herself on the bed and he sat next to her.

"You're sure its not your old boyfriend?"

"Believe me, I have nothing to say to Eric," she sighed. "He got someone pregnant."

"What's he going to do?" Heath looked at her, knowing she had to be concerned.

"I really shouldn't care, you know. I really shouldn't." She shook her head.

"I think thats why you're enjoying all these texts." Heath told her. "You don't have to think about it, do you. Or Roger."

"What about Roger?"

"Don't you know he's gonna make an ass of himself tonight," Heath was straight lipped about it.

"Probably." She sighed. "I wish Ian wasn't so sweet." She switched off her phone then and put it on the dresser.

"I think Nick and I should get a room somewhere tonight." Heath sighed.

"It won't be that bad. Really. They'll behave." Olivia just laughed.

"I can't chance it. I start student teaching. I want a clean slate. Besides, my Dad told me he'd help me get a car if I find a teaching job." Heath got up then.

"Wow, things are really moving fast for you." She smiled giving Heath a kiss on the cheek. Heath needed to find Nick. They'd have to find some place else to sleep tonight.


SR@MyStyle said...

Yes, Let Heath trust his gut instinct to get a room away.

Your grandmothers find sounds lovely and just ideal for the colder weather setting in, have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...


(I still can't believe the snow in winter thingie, but I'll trust you! Thankies for all the pretty comments!)


Robyn said...

A story blog! That is such a cool idea! (you're is the first I've seen, actually ^^ )

I've been making those tube-scarves and many many hats for my friends for Christmas this year. (and another turtle). Crochet animals are usually the best though! haha~

Meg said...

It's probably a good idea for Heath to follow his instincts.

dapper kid said...

Yay for a party! Nick and Heath are so cute.