Sunday, November 1, 2009

a blast of some sort

Olivia woke up to her laptop sending her a message. She had Roger wrapped around her waist, clinging to her like a life line of some kind. He reeked of soured alcohol.
She'd drank a little, but not like he nor Ravi and Bridget had. They had had a strip tease. As she recalled. They'd listen to some mix of Ravi's with the Sugarcubes which was so club-like. Naturally, Bridget was the first to start with the strip-tease and it kind of went down hill from there. Olivia had gone back to her room to chat with Ian. She looked back at the screen now and saw her drunken words strung across the screen. She wasn't sure if they call this sex-texting or what. It was very suggestive.
She winced, disgusted with herself and yet, who had she had sex with when he found her? Finally, at four in the morning. Roger. She X-ed out of everything and closed her laptop. Really, she needed to not start anything with Ian. That would be wrong. So wrong. But it was just words. Words that no one would even have to know about. Just the two of them. Wasn't like they'd gotten a room somewhere and actually done anything. But still, she hoped she hadn't started anything with Ian. She hadn't meant to.
Slowly, she unwrapped Roger off of her and saw that he was drooling and had such a rancid breath. She scowled with a shiver and went on her way to see what other deplorable things she might find about. She pulled on her thick warm robe. The place was ice cold.
She passed by Ellie and Lon's room. The door was open, and there Ravi and Bridget were in the buff. Olivia hugged herself. She needed coffee before she got up the nerve to tell them to go home. She went downstairs and noticed the patio door was wide open. It had snowed. Still snowing too. It was so startling white and freezing cold.
Olivia stood there shivering, bare footed. Next she noticed a squirrel just staring at her ever so carefully on the dining-room floor.
"OH NO YOU DON'T." She stomped her foot, giving the varmint an angry look. The squirrel scatted out the patio door. Olivia quickly shut the glass and locked it. Thank God, nothing was stolen. There were every-one's clothes scattered about.
She went to the kitchen to make coffee. She heard her cell go off. It was on the counter which surprised her. Olivia thought it was on her dresser.
"Are you all right?" It was Ian.
"Yes, I'm fine." She said so coldly.
"I thought something had happened." He told her. "You didn't get back to me."
"I needed sleep," she said. "Did you get any?"
"Not really, but that's OK." It sounded like a promise.
"Look, I'll text you or something later, OK?" She wasn't sure how to handle this.
"Tonight. You need some sleep. I'm really all right." She told him.
"I love you." His words were so genuine.
"Don't say that." She winced.
"But its true."
"You just think you do." She clicked off then. She sighed, noticing there was a pot of coffee waiting for her.


the oaks said...

Now that would have been scary about the squirrel.

What has Olivia done?

Robyn said...

:o Thank you for following me! ^^

Anonymous said...

Messed-ed up.

Winnie said...

Oh this isn't good...

simon n josh said...

That would be freaky. & this thing with Ian..oh my!

elliestories said...

I think Olivia is wise enough with Ian to get him back on track. I hope anyway.