Monday, November 2, 2009

before winter sets in

Ellie was pretty tired from staying with Olivia's Aunt. Naturally, Lon had been busy with all the chores around. Sometimes, she didn't think she knew him at all. Part of her felt he was going above the call of duty on this old house.

And she was put on the spot with Olivia's Aunt. 20 questions about why wasn't she married to him. She had his kid, didn't she? Ellie didn't even feel like explaining after while. She just wanted to catch up with Lon.

"But I love this old house." He grinned.

"What are you talking about?" She winced. There was Charlie to worry about. They stayed upstairs in Olivia's room. It was a big room with a bay window along with a seat.

"Maybe we could just move in." He looked around as if he'd take the room in a second.

"What do you mean?" She winced. "We'd live upstairs and she'd live downstairs?"

"Maybe. Sounds like a great idea. We could put in a stairwell outside the house. Put in a kitchen up here. Have the washer and dryer in the bathroom."

Ellie could tell he was working it out all in his head as he told her this.

"That sounds like a huge undertaking." She stared at him while she was holding Charlie on her hip.

"I know it does, but it would help the property value so much." He was happy when he spoke of it. "We have to find something on our own. I don't want to raise Charlie in an apartment. I want my own house."

"I know you do, but can't you wait until summer?" The yard was snow covered.

"The sooner the better, you know, I don't want any trouble with Roger." He took Charlie from her.

It was at that moment, Ellie really wondered what was she doing with Lon. Was this just her avoiding her education or did she really want this to happen? The three of them on their own. She felt a chill then. Really, it was a drafty old place. It needed new windows too.


SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-Ellie does really need to think about her future, with or without Lon.

simon n josh said...

Yeah, she better think again with Lon.

Raigan said...

Super cool that you got some TOMs! I looooooove the make art not war ones! I think I may get a pair of the white ones and decorate them myself.

I think it'd be super cool if ellie and lon settled down together, they'd have adorable children someday!

hope you had a lovely halloween


Meg said...

I hope Ellie is as serious about the relationship as Lon is.

E said...

I love stories that have that shock of reality to them. You do a fantastic job at that. Reminds me of "The Second Choice."

Anonymous said...

this part cracked me up:We could put in a stairwell outside the house. Put in a kitchen up here. Have the washer and dryer in the bathroom."