Wednesday, November 4, 2009

about town

Nick was glad he'd got away with Heath. They'd checked out an acoustic show at a coffeehouse. Everyone had been so frightful on the eve of All Saints day even as the snow came down in the music district side of town. It felt like being in The nightmare before Christmas.

Yes, Nick felt for sure they got the better end of the deal. No drinking for them. They'd found a room nearby, and it had been warm and cozy. He could only hope one day, they'd have a honeymoon in a place just like this. Some place looking over the old market. Actually, he'd be happy with Heath, anywhere.

But still nothing had been consummated in stone as far as their love life went. Well, they were intimate. It wasn't that old fashioned. But Nick didn't ask about the last course of it all. It was sweet, just the same and they'd spent most of the next day looking about shops where they couldn't buy anything, but they could look.

Finally, they came to the old bookstore. Of course, Heath kept Nick to himself. "I can't let that old gay vampire have you." The owner was an irry Boris Karloff type who followed them around as if maybe he did want to suck their blood. It left Nick full of giggles. Heath almost laughed himself as they played hide and seek from him.

They hid in the basement looking at New Wave LPs. Nick was so close to telling Heath that maybe it was time they actually did the thing that he thought would happen the first time he met him. But Nick looked up and saw Eric digging through LP's in the next isle.

"Eric? What are you doing here?" Nick couldn't believe it.

"Uh, I come here, every weekend." He nodded so somber.

"Alone?" That sounded sad.

"Pretty much."

Nick introduced Eric to Heath. They talked about 80's music for the longest time and then ended up asking Eric if he'd had lunch yet. He hadn't. So they went to the French pastry shop for quiche.

"I didn't even know you lived around here?" Nick wondered if Olivia knew.

"I'm just, you know, living cheap, solo, whatever." Eric didn't seem exactly like his old self.

"Did something happen?" Heath even noticed the odd sadness.

"Eric dated Olivia forever," Nick said, wishing he hadn't spoke.

"And now she's happy." Eric gave a fake smile.

"Things with Roger aren't perfect." Heath verified. "I think its more babysitting than anything, at times."

"Well, nothing can be perfect." Eric shrugged as if he had moved on. And that's when he told them about Amanda.

Nick just listened. It was as if Eric wanted to know what he should do.

"Maybe she really loves Elliot and, you know, I should just let it go." Eric couldn't eat. He sound so woeful.

"Well, if its your kid, you know, you have your rights." Nick reminded him.

"Yeah, child support." He didn't even have a job at the moment.

"You just have to think of the bright side in all this." Heath encouraged. "You'll have to wait it out."

Eric nodded.

"Look, come over sometime." Nick gave Eric a pat on the back. "Next Sunday, have supper with us. At the house."

Eric shook his head, no.

"I'm sure Roger will be just fine."

"Yeah, Liv will crack that whip. Roger will not be a problem." Heath chuckled and Nick had to laugh too.


the oaks said...

I'm glad they are taking their time with their relationship. It was good they had lunch with Eric, too.

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-poor Eric, seems like he's not sure what to do for the best.

Winnie said...

Ahh Eric seems so unsure, I'm sure he'll find some kind of clarity soon.

past the point said...

I like that Eric had some company. He needs it.

Anonymous said...

Poor Eric.
Heath and Nick are so cute!