Thursday, November 5, 2009

good as gold

Elliot knew Amanda didn't like to talk about it, but yeah, something had been going on with them for some time.

True, it started out as perhaps a small gesture. It had turned out big in the long run. Not that he was going to start a blog about it. But, he could smile about it in his own way. It had started with a blow job.

OK, it was kind of funny now when he thought about it. It wasn't like OH MY GOD... GIVE ME YOUR PENIS kind of thing. Maybe she just felt sorry for him. Nothing really happened after he broke up with Ellie. And Amanda had been such a good friend. And they were friends and still friends. She did listen to him. It was like she wanted to hear his problems because she didn't have a problem. Really.

She was still with Kyle. He guessed. But he didn't think she felt all that sexy, anymore. After the baby. And he was just as depressed maybe. Classes were getting to him. He didn't quite have that sexy boy attitude anymore. It was all so lame. Everything.

And she was over and he'd thought about asking her if he could sketch her breasts, but he didn't. After all, she was a friend and well, the breasts were made for breast feeding, he supposed. But she was amazingly sexy after having a baby.

He flat out told her she could get any guy she wanted. He didn't know why he said it. He even asked if that sounded gay, but she said it didn't. And well, they kissed. He'd really wanted her. He did, but she said, no. And really, it hurt his ego so much that she'd said, no. Of course, he couldn't remember if it hurt him emotionally or just the sex part. Maybe it was both. And that's when it happened. He just couldn't talk her into intercourse. So that's all he got. And afterwards, he was very OK about that.

Nobody had ever done that for him before. It was shocking. Well, maybe when someone was drunk or kind of a dare, but usually drunk..did that sort of thing happen. He didn't clearly remember if it were any good, either. This was just something at 2 in the afternoon. Sober and sunshine. Through and through. It sort of changed things for him after that.

He didn't even want to try to date. Really. He had Amanda. Every couple of months. She'd make him feel better. At his place. Maybe he was actually gay. He started to think, but he didn't tell her that. Instead, he was patience and wham. Long time coming, but very well worth it. Just something on side. He guessed for her. And all along he had his schedule of getting through the University. Conversations on the phone with her. It was all so laid back, and it wasn't until last of summer that the sex came. All of it. Uncovered and his way. How could something possibly ruin it now? It was good as gold as far as Elliot was concerned.


FabBlab said...

I am addicted to these posts. Just saying.

the oaks said...

Oh, Elliot, I guess guys can get knocked down too. Just when you think they should be ready for anything and then they just take what they can get.

Anonymous said...

Same as FabBlab.
Too addicting.

Meg said...

I like getting to know the characters better.

ellie said...

Yeah, I like exploring them too..just wasn't so sure what readers would think of him.

Elliot did start out a bit of a womanizer..or so it looked. But sometimes, looks can be decieving.