Monday, November 16, 2009

and then you turn around

"Well, some-body's getting lucky to night." Roger was acting all silly after Eric left with Liz.

"Don't say that!" Olivia winced, hugging herself, she walked away. She didn't want to leave Lon with all the dishes to do. After all, it was his enchiladas that made the meal.

"What is wrong with you!" He followed her into the kitchen. Lon just looked up from the dishwasher and watched them. After a while, he made his exit to check on Ellie and the baby.

"Do you have to be so demeaning?" She glared at him then.

"What are you talking about?" He winced.

"Like that's all Eric needs. A one night stand. With Bridget's sister?" She looked at him disgusted.
"Well, maybe he just needs sex." Roger said quietly.

She stomped off in a huff. She wished she was texting Ian right now. But she couldn't. She hadn't. She'd gone cold turkey. It wasn't like their little messages were filled with filth. They talked. He brightened her day. All Roger seemed to have on his mind was sex.

She grabbed her long sweater and headed outside.

"Now where are you going?" Roger called after her.

"I dunno." She just had to get outside. But the chill in the air was like poison. Perhaps she deserved it. She knew she had to talk to Roger. But right now seemed impossible. She didn't know if she could take another night with him, either. This thing with Ian was eating away at her. What was she suppose to do? Go to something like AA's for some sort of texting addiction?

She walked off down the street into the cold, but Roger was at her heels soon enough with a coat.

"What did I do?" He wanted to know.

"Nothing." And she started to cry then.

"Come on, it can't be that bad," he said, putting his arm around her.

"Things will change," she shook her head. "I don't know if you'll want me, anymore." She nibbled at her bottom lip.

"Just talk to me," He looked into her eyes under the golden street light. "I'll make you coffee. We'll talk in the kitchen. I'll sleep on the couch tonight. All right?"

Olivia shivered from the cold then. She nodded. She guessed it would help.


SR@MyStyle said...

Does Olivia definitely still want to be with Roger, or does she really want Ian???

Meg said...

I agree. I think Olivia needs to decide for sure what she wants. Either way, she owes it to Roger to be honest.

Winnie said...

Olivia needs to make her mind up because she'll only end up hurting someone!

cass and cady said...

They do have a lot to sort out.

cait said...

I hope they fix this.

the oaks said...

Some days ..its like anything your boyfriend says can get on your nerves. I hope Olivia will tell him what's on her mind.

Alayna Whisper said...

Haha I have a texting addiction as well. So not ok.

Lenore said...

thank you for your lovely comment dear! I quite like your blog :)

how have you been?