Saturday, November 7, 2009

as the days go by

Eric's sister had called while he was fixing himself some canned soup. Tomato soup. It was his first meal of the day, and it was growing dark out, just past 6 in the evening.

"What are you doing?" She questioned.

"Masturbating." Wasn't that what she wanted to hear? She said nothing for the longest time. He smiled. "Soups on, what do you think?" She always put him in a soured mood.

"How are things?"

"Just lovely." As if he'd tell. Tell her he had gone to class in his PJs with his coat on and his snow boots. He'd shuffled through the day. Said a word no one until just now. "Everything is dandy."

"Please, you're turning me on, dear brother." She gave him a heavy sigh. "Why can't you tell me, everything is shit. Mum hasn't heard from you in weeks."

"So." He squinted. He watched the red soup bubble. "I've been busy. Its true."

"I bet."

"The cat has put a hex on me, can't even get a date." He told her.

"You're such a crybaby. Always have been."

"And you were born a bitch." He couldn't help but say back. "Look, remember Elliot?"

"Elliot who?" She mocked.

"You know," Eric sighed. "He's getting married. Any chance you could fuck up the wedding?"

His sister just laughed.

"Why? What's in it for you?" Dora chuckled.


"Has to be something."

"All right, I might have knocked someone up." Eric confessed while pouring his soup in his big black bowl. The bowl he ate all his meals in.

"What?" Now she was awake, on her toes, it seemed. "When did this happen?"

"Over the summer." He blew on his soup. He wasn't really hungry now. He might let it turn cold. "In Italy.'

"You knocked up an Italian girl?"

"No. Someone from back home who was there. It was clearly a mistake." He'd settled on that being the correct answer now. "It seems Amanda is with good old Elliot now. They are engaged."
"And, you, are you sure its yours?" Dora sounded as if it might not be.

"Have I been that lucky yet?" He winced.

"You poor sad little man," she mocked. "Eric, if she's not after you, let her alone. Let her have her own little family. "

"Yeah, of course." He sighed. Honestly, it wasn't that simple. It was still quite a mystery to him that he was no where close to finding the answer too. Soon the phone call ended. His chest hurt so badly as if a cold wind consumed it. He stared at the soup. Somehow, he felt he'd always be in the cold when it came to Amanda.


SR@MyStyle said...

Hmm, a sad situation, but he needs to follow his heart on this.

dapper kid said...

Well that was one way of telling someone about it! But I think he needs to figure out whether he wants to be involved with it or not.

past the point said...

I feel bad for Eric.

the oaks said...

What a brother and sister. They can be so mean to each other.

I liked how you showed how depressed he was over this situation with Amanda.

simon n josh said...

I hope Eric resolves this soon with Amanda. I think he needs an idea of just where he's going.