Sunday, November 8, 2009

down the rabbit hole

It felt like show time for the big boys. Something like that, Heath sensed.

Luckily, he felt all right in front of the classroom. It was just English. Of course, it was drama he wanted, as in teaching, not dealing with. He could help out at the theater. There wasn't exactly student teaching in drama other than hands on activities at the moment. But this was his one man show for four hours. Same subjects. Same activities. By that third hour, he felt as if he were getting the hang of it. So animated and full of harsh looks. The serious teacher type. And yet he felt right in stride. Handing out papers. Asking people for answers. Making sure everyone understood the directions. But he could have used a cigarette to take the edge off. Of course, he didn't. He'd promised he wouldn't. There was no where to smoke, anyway. The teacher's lounge was smoke free. Actually, he never thought he'd make it to the teacher's lounge. And when he did. The nurse was there. Giving flu shots.

Was this just a bad dream? He'd thought he could take a breather. Sit with some tea. But no, before he knew it, he was rolling up his sleeve and getting one.

"You'll be glad you did." The middle aged woman told him.

And then it was back to class. The last class before lunch. Heath was in a sweat. His arm hurt. It actually did. He whizzed right through most of the material he was suppose to teach. People took vocabulary tests. There was a good ten minutes to spare.

Heath just stared at the clock. What was he suppose to do? He felt himself gasp.

"Well, any questions?" He asked the 9th graders.

"Are you dating anyone?" Some girl smiled behind her thick glasses.

"Well, yes..that's a yes. Yes I am." He felt for sure he was dripping in sweat.

"How long?"

"Couple of months." He winced trying not to give too much away.

"What do you like to do on a date?"

"Uh, dinner, a movie, just boring stuff." Heath tried to grin.

"Do you have a picture of your girlfriend?"

Thankfully, the bell rang. Heath thought he might melt in a puddle.


Cait said...

how exciting and well..strange. Hopefully, he can make it through this. And the flu shot, too.

anita, sebastian&randy said...

I hope he won't get sick. He must have really stressed those 10 min.

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-poor Heath, no wonder he felt queasy!!

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Robyn said...

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Ivyoaks said...

That must have put him in a fix the end.