Monday, November 9, 2009

a possibility

"What would you do?" Heath wasn't feeling well after the flu shot. He took some Tylenol and laid down.

Nick felt his forehead. Really, he felt fine, but Heath swore his throat was scratchy.

"What, you don't want them to know about me?" Nick smiled.

"Do I just priss around hoping they get the hint?" Heath winced. "I don't know how they'd react. Honestly, its none of their business."

"So keep it that way," Nick said. "Its just student teaching. You are there to teach and that's what you'll do."

Heath turned away from Nick then. Nick rubbed his shoulders.

"I bet you were great today." Nick got next to him then.

"Yeah, I felt so Kelsy Grammar, you know. Like I actually knew what I was talking about and had a passion for it. Just don't know if its enough."

"You base your teaching technique on Frazier?" Nick laughed, hugging him close.

"I loved that show."

Nick felt Heath's body shake with laughter. Maybe Heath enjoyed teaching more than he let on.


the oaks said...

funny about Frazier. =D

Raigan said...

Sweet Nick and Heath, those too are lovely together! Well...for now.

I actually don't have a pair of TOMS, yes I know I'm quite the hypocrite. I'm actually asking for a pair for christmas. That and a nice pair of brown leather riding boots. Other then that I think I may be donating whatever money I get to Art's just a thought as of now, but it feels right in my heart.

Hope the weather hasn't been treaitng you too bad! Here it's been from 80 downt to 50...craziness!


E said...

It's so fascinating to me how well you can create a whole story with such a short piece of dialogue. Reminds me of those six word stories a little.

Meg said...

Haha, I used to watch Frazier all the time with my mom. I loved Eddie so much! And I thought the guy who played Niles was cute when I was 12.