Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Its like this

Olivia hadn't ended it with Ian, exactly. Not exactly like she imagine. He always seemed to have a loop hole of some kind. And well, he'd text something. Make her smile. She'd text back and before she knew it, she spent her day waiting to hear from him.

She knew she was a horrible person. What would Roger think? What was worse, the guilt she felt about being with Roger. She hated the idea of what Ian might think.

There was the recurring dream of Ian finding her in bed with Roger and deciding he'd stab her instead of Roger. Right in the heart. She didn't sleep well at night.

"I think I need a new phone number." Olivia decided one evening while they were out at the grocery store after he got off his shift. She picked up a pink blackberry that was on sale with some sort of pay as you go plan that also gave a percentage of the sale to the Breast Cancer Awareness.

"Are you sure?" Roger winced.

"I always wanted a blackberry." She picked up the box. "A pink one, actually."

"Are you saying you want an early Christmas present?" He smiled taking the box from her. "I'm not sure about these. I guess you activate it yourself. Its not really pay as you. You have to pick a plan on the back. Are you giving up your laptop, then?"

"No," she winced taking the box from him to read more. She just needed something to get away from Ian, but it wasn't as easy as she hoped it would be.


Winnie said...

I know someone who wanted a blackberry so much that she took out a second contract...which means she pays £50 a month! Crazy, I don't want one THAT much!

Ivyoaks said...

It was nice of Roger to want to do that for her.

Cait said...

blackberry..they are coming down in price..but its expensive monthly. cool present though.

Robyn said...

Blackberries just make me think of the actual berry~ hehe

and all is fairly well, thank you ^^