Wednesday, November 11, 2009

can you hear me now

"Can you do something for me?" Eric wasn't sure he liked the tone in Ian's voice when he called him. It was desperate.

"Like what?" Eric always got along with his little brother. He'd hate to spoil it now. He turned off the TV with the remote and scratched Black Cat's head who was stretched out across his chest as Eric laid on his futon.

"Olivia's being difficult."

"Olivia? What the fuck are you going on about?" Eric set up and Black Cat took off then toward the kitchen.

"She likes me, you know," Ian told him. "A lot."

"How so?" Eric scowled. "When have you seen her?"

"We talk on the phone. We text. You know, chat online. And she stopped. Just like that. I don't know why. I think Roger's done something to her." Ian told him.

"Ian, what is going on?" Eric winced.

"Its nothing physical, you know."

"Shit, what have you done?"

"I didn't do anything." Ian told him.

Eric pushed his fingers back through his hair. He thought how it used to be with he and Olivia. It was so romantic. The notes. The letters, chatting, texting. It could all be so emotional. It had left him a wreck. Wondering if that's what kept them together or apart.

"Ian, you have to think about something else to do. Like, didn't you make airplane models. You use to put them together, right?" Eric reminded him.

"So, I was a little kid then. I'm not so little, anymore." Ian explained.

"You have to let Olivia go," Eric said. "You know, there might be someone right there who needs your attention. Right under your nose."

"There is nobody like Olivia," Ian said.

"Yeah, I know, but she's with someone. She has a boyfriend, and you have to let her be with her boyfriend. How would you feel if you were her boyfriend and Roger was doing what you're doing?"

"It would suck if I knew."

"I guess you have your answer then." Eric told him. "Look, next phone call I want you tell me you've at least said hello to one girl face to face."

"What about you?"

"All right, I'll tell you how this dinner goes at Olivia's. I'm suppose to be fixed up with someone." Eric shrugged.

"Like a blind date?"

"Sort of." Just the thought of the dinner was making Eric nervous.


SR@MyStyle said...

Olivia would have been better off saying all of this to Ian, rather than Eric, she should be more honest with Ian and herself.

elliestories said...

Maybe Eric can talk some sense into his little brother about Olivia.

Jem said...

cool post... btw i nominated you for an award on my blog

simon n josh said...

I like the idea that eric is being a good big brother. Talking to Ian, letting him know..he might need to actually meet someone in person.

the oaks said...

Ian sounds so young and impulsive. Maybe they'll help each other out. Perhaps Eric can see himself in Ian and the way he is. Perhaps it'll help him be the mature brother he should be.

Sarah_DDH said...

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