Saturday, December 19, 2009

around the bend

Kyle was laying in the livingroom floor with his chin resting on his palm as he watched Rosie stack blocks up.
He'd just gotten up the artificial tree. Still nothing was decorated. He wasn't really in the mood. Maybe his mom and step-dad would do it. Really, he didn't even want to look at it. He wanted to feel nothing, but this moment with Rosie who was very eager to stack the wooden blocks as high as they'd get. He didn't want to feel sad. He knew he shouldn't. He was definitely not going to make an effort with Kelsey. He'd had enough of that.

Just then the door bell rang and Rosie tipped the blocks and the blocks came tumbling to the floor.


Kyle repeated it back to her. She gave him a look. He just smiled and went to get the door. To his surprise it was Nick and he wasn't alone. But it wasn't Heath.

"This is Amber." Nick introduced her to Kyle.

"What are you guys doing? Christmas shopping for Heath?"  Kyle gave Nick a playful hit on his arm with his fist.

"No. I don't know what I'm doing. Exactly." Nick shrugged.

Amber just gave Kyle a look over. When she smiled, it was so...well, it was hard for Kyle not to notice.

"You know we broke up." Nick nodded as he went to find a seat on the couch. Amber followed him.

"Well, I'm sure Heath's going to figure out sooner or later, that he didn't mean it," Amber said.

"I don't know how to fix it." Nick tried to help Rosie with her blocks. Amber just watched.

"You'll think of something." Kyle sighed. He dug his fingers into this front jean pockets, noticing that maybe Amber was noticing him too. But she was so animated with Rosie, Kyle couldn't help but smile. "I know how serious you both are about each other."

"What about you and Kelsey?" Nick looked up at him.

"Oh, well, you know." A cold chill taunted him. "Its all right. Really. She needs to get out more. I've probably kept her from things, you know." He didn't want to talk about her. "Look, you guys watch Rosie, I'll make us hot chocolate." He knew he needed some to warm up.


Meg said...

Hot chocolate can do wonders to make you feel better.

Cait said...

I'm glad Amber came over.

Winnie said...

Hot Chocolate or tea is like a liquid hug! Definitely helps you calm down in stressful situations.