Sunday, December 20, 2009

been there all along

Amanda knew she was slow. Getting slower, but she almost had all her Christmas shopping done for Rosie. Finally. She hadn't thought of anyone else. Not even Elliot. Of course, it did bother her that maybe she should get Kyle something. But she didn't know what. And really, she didn't have all that much to give. She'd been so dependent on others, lately. It really was the worst time of year. Naturally, her brothers weren't going to give her anything. They were in their own little worlds. Derrick was in a band now and was very busy with gigs this season. She doubted either of them would manage to come to her wedding. Which was fine. She was fine with that. And her Dad would be in Vegas, avoiding them completely. As usual. Honestly, just thinking about Christmas was depressing. But she was going to use Elliot's credit card and at least get Rosie something good. She deserved it. She was in the toy store wondering just what Rosie would like when she bumped into Kelsey.

"You're the last person I expected to see." Kelsey looked at her as if Amanda might be some sort of celebrity.

"Just some last minute stuff." Amanda shrugged.

"Yeah, me too." Kelsey nodded looking at video games.

"Who are you shopping for?" Amanda asked.

"Kyle, who else?" Kelsey shrugged.

"I thought you broke up?" Amanda winced.

"He's just not talking to me. He's mad at me. He has to pout about it, you know. He'll get over it." Kelsey went on with her shopping.

"I dunno. I think, he..well, he gave me the impression that you two broke up." Amanda told her.

"But we didn't." Kelsey squinted.

"Maybe you two should really talk." Amanda sighed.

"But its Christmas." Kelsey chuckled. "He'll be OK."

"You should call." Amanda nodded.

"He's just being a big baby about all this about Nick. Nick doesn't even care." Kelsey glared at her.

"Have you even talked to him?" Amanda asked about Nick. "He broke up with Heath, you know."

"Who told you that?" Kelsey looked at her.


"You two are talking?" Kelsey scowled.

"Yes." Amanda found Rosie a tea set then. Really, she had no idea what she would actually like. She was a Daddy's girl, after all.

"I hope it works out with you and Kyle." Amanda managed to say, but she had feeling it was over and Kelsey didn't even know it.


a jacob black tale said...

talk about a communication problem...hmmmm.

Ivyoaks said...

amanda was at least nice.

cait said...

looks like a problem or two ahead.